HatosLotto – Hungary’s Simple Yet Rewarding Lottery

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In order to participate in this simple yet highly rewarding Hungarian lottery named HatosLotto, players are required to select six numbers between the range of 1 and 45. With Lottosend you can play lotteries online from Hungary!



A couple of centuries ago, Hungary was one of the most influential countries in the entire world. This was back when Hungary used to be a lot bigger than it is now. Since the country was huge and a lot of work had to be done, they had to come up with a form of entertainment that could accomplish both these goals; entertain the residents of the country and also gather funds for different purposes. One of the ways this could be done was the lottery as it entertained the residents of Hungary and also duly awarded them for their participation. The first ever draw that was conducted in the country can be traced back to the city of Buda in 1770.

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Sometimes, there were long and sometimes short breaks between draws, but things begun to settle after 1947. However, it wasn’t until the 1990s that the Hungarian lottery truly began to shine when it experienced unparalleled success and tremendous growth. One of the most lucrative picks amongst the Hungarian lottery games is the HatosLotto, which has become quite popular over the years. There are several reasons why this lottery has gained so much recognition and one of this is the juicy jackpot that it has to offer to its participants.

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HatosLotto Lotto 6

It is one of the several games that can be played in the country. It is also referred to as Lotto 6 and can offer some of the biggest jackpots to the players, which accumulate due to rollovers that occur frequently. Another characteristic that has contributed to the popularity of the game is the fact that it carries an affordable ticket price. For the equivalent of nearly one dollar, Hungarians get the opportunity of taking home almost millions and even billions of forints, which is a massive return. Due to this, a lot of players might think that HatosLotto is a scam.

However, the game is actually the furthest thing from it. HatosLotto was first introduced back in 1988 and since then, this popular game has made thousands of people considerably richer, not just in Hungary, but in other areas as well. HatosLotto is organized and operated by the Hungarian Lottery company known as Szerencsejatek. This national lottery operator was established in the 1990s for improving the variety of games that are offered to the public. It was also given the responsibility of establishing a completely new range of standards that would stick to the trends.

Reports are provided by the entity to the Gaming Supervisory Authority and it carefully monitors the activities carried out by the lottery operator. An external entity safeguards the interest of the players, which is a huge assurance because it ensures that you are not being scammed.

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How to Play HatosLotto

In order to participate in this simple yet highly rewarding Hungarian lottery, players are required to select six numbers between the range of 1 and 45. This is all as the game does not require the selection of any extra numbers or bonus numbers, for that matter. These are the simple rules and you will not have to deal with any hidden rules or weird strategies that are recommended for increasing your chances of winning. As this lottery game has minimal rules, you will discover that the HatosLotto jackpot is won very frequently.

HatosLotto Jackpot

The jackpot amount usually floats around a hefty $400,000, which when converted to Hungary’s currency, is summed up to be Ft 130,000,000. In other lottery games in the country, it can take about 20 draws in a row for anyone to claim the big prize, but this doesn’t apply to HatosLotto. As a matter of fact, this hasn’t happened in the game for a number of years. The jackpot is won rather frequently, which means that there is a strong chance that you will be able to take home a life-changing sum when you participate. Thus, this shows that participating in the next draw of the HatosLotto can be the best decision you make for yourself.

HatosLotto Draws

Moving on, the draw for the HatosLotto is conducted every Sunday at 15:30 GMT, but players have the chance of buying the tickets until 21:00 GMT on Saturday. Every ticket that you buy later than this time will only be valid for the draw conducted next week. As long as you are buying your own ticket, your geographical reference, which means your physical location is irrelevant. Thanks to the internet, people all around the globe can participate in this lucrative and attractive lottery. The same rules and regulations are applicable to all players, regardless of whether they are domestic or foreign.

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If you end up winning the desired jackpot in the HatosLotto, you will be sent a notification through an SMS, a phone call or through an email. There are some lottery operators that tend to take years when it comes to paying out their jackpots or some choose to pay them on a monthly basis. This means that it can be a long while before winners can receive their prize money. This is another thing that players don’t have to worry about when they are playing the HatosLotto because they will be able to get their hands on the entire jackpot in cash immediately. This can help them in feeling like millionaires in an authentic manner.

Playing in the HatosLotto means that you have the privilege of becoming a potential winner in one of the most attractive lotteries all over Europe. It is possible for players to purchase tickets for several draws ahead of time. If you have done this, you just need to wait for a phone call that will give you the good news that you have won a prize. Now that the rules have been discussed, it is time to move onto some of the more interesting aspects of HatosLotto; the prizes. There is a guaranteed minimum jackpot promised by the HatosLotto, which is approximately 60,000,000 HUF.

HatosLotto Rollovers

In case there is no winner in that particular draw, the jackpot will automatically rollover to the next draw. The jackpot will continue to rollover in case of no winner for a period of one year until someone is able to match six numbers correctly. If it so happens that there is no winner in the one-year period, then the amount accumulated for the jackpot is rolled down to the lower prize tiers. There are a total of four prize tiers available in HatosLotto and the lowest prize that players can win through this game is 1750 HUF.

There are 90 days provided to the winners for claiming any prize they win through the HatosLotto. All the prizes can be claimed in the form of lump sums and they are not taxable. But, international players should bear in mind that local taxation policies will be applicable on any of their winnings.

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HatosLotto Prizes – Here is a breakdown of the four HatosLotto prize tiers:

  • In order to take home the first prize i.e. the jackpot, players are required to match all six numbers and the odds of this happening are 1 in 8,145,060.
  • The second prize that can be won by players requires them to match five of the six numbers and the odds of this happening are 1 in 34,808. 35 percent of the ticket sales is used for paying out this prize.
  • The third prize can be won by matching four of the six numbers and the odds of this occurring are 1 in 733.
  • The last and the fourth prize needs players to match three of the six numbers and the odds of them doing so are 1 in 45.

When you are participating in the HatosLotto, it is obviously important to stay informed about the draws of the game as well as the jackpot rollovers. If you decide to wait for an increase in the jackpot, this will definitely make it possible for you to take home a bigger amount. It is also an excellent idea to participate in the HatosLotto when the one-year rollover period for the jackpot is about to expire. Even though the chances of the jackpot accumulating for the entire year are little, it just might happen. If you are not in Hungary, you can still participate in the game by using online lottery services. They are incredibly convenient and enable you to play the lucrative game even if you are not present in the country.

Nonetheless, your participation does not guarantee you a win in the HatosLotto. In order to boost your chances of winning, you need to choose your numbers carefully and there are several ways this can be done. Some of the tricks that you can use for choosing the right numbers are:

  • Checking the past results

Yes, it is true that lottery draws don’t follow any particular pattern and are usually conducted at random. But, if players check the past results of any lottery, even the HatosLotto, they will discover that there are certain numbers that are chosen more frequently. Similarly, there are also numbers that don’t get chosen all that much and those that are drawn rarely. It is a good idea to play a combination of these numbers to increase your chances of winning. You can either make your own graphs or sometimes these are already available online and can be used for choosing your HatosLotto numbers.

  • Opt for your own lucky numbers

If you read about some of the people who have won the lottery in different parts of the world, you will notice that many of them decided to play their own lucky numbers. These numbers can be anything ranging from birthdays, other important dates, addresses, phone numbers, ages or just random lucky numbers. For instance, some players choose to go with the birthdays of their whole family whereas others go for a sum of their ages and what not. You can go with any combination that seems better to you and take your shot at the HatosLotto jackpot.

  • Select the Quick Pick option

As mentioned above, lottery draws are conducted randomly and don’t follow any pattern. Therefore, some players and even experts are of the opinion that it is better to play random numbers on their lottery tickets because this will improve their chances of winning. The question is how to choose fully random numbers? Even if you try, there is a good chance that you will end up including a number or two that means something to you. The best way to find a random number combination is through the Quick Pick option, which means allowing a random number generator to generate a combination of numbers. This has been known to work for many lottery winners and you can also play the HatosLotto this way.

  • High and low number combination

One of the biggest problems that players face when choosing numbers is that they are unable to strike a balance between high and low numbers. What are high and low numbers? When you are playing HatosLotto, you have to choose numbers between 1 and 45. Numbers 1 till 22 will make up the low numbers whereas 23 to 45 are the high numbers. In choosing your numbers, it is essential to ensure that your combination includes numbers from both halves because it is very rare for only high and only low numbers to be chosen in the draw.

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You can try any of these number tricks when you are playing the HatosLotto for improving your chances of winning the jackpot or even a secondary prize. If you are buying multiple tickets, you can try all of these strategies on different tickets as this might work in your favor. Even if you don’t win a prize, you will know that the money accumulated through the lottery is used for good causes in the country and is benefitting the people. The ticket prices are really low as well, which means that it will not cost you a lot to participate in the HatosLotto and you will get the chance to play for millions.

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