German Lotto 6aus49 – Superzahl, Lottozahlen And More!

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Lotto 6aus49

Even though Germany may not have lotteries with mammoth jackpot amounts such as the EuroMillions and the US Powerball, it’s national lottery is one of the fastest growing lotteries in the world. This popularity is partly due to the fact that the jackpot is rolled over each time it is not won. In addition, winnings from this lottery are tax-free for citizens and residents of Germany. Of course, non-German citizens will have to consult tax advisors in their home countries to know the tax laws relating to income from lotteries.

German Lotto

The German Lotto, popularly known as the Lotto 6aus49 was created in 1974 by a German conglomerate consisting of 16 regional lottery operators known as the Deutscher Lotto-und TotoBlock (DLTB) which still operates and supervises the lottery till date. Every three years, a new leader is voted from among the 16 regional lottery operators that make up the DLTB, who is responsible for the governing and general operation of the Lotto 6aus49. The first draw of this lottery was held on the 9th of October 1955.

New Rules Since 2013

On the 4th May 2013, the Lotto 6aus49 instituted two new rules. First, it removed the bonus number that was originally part of the game’s format and replaced it with the “Super Number”. This new game matrix increased the chances of winning because the Super Number was selected from numbers between 1 and 9. The second rule change introduced another prize category to add to the already existing eight prize categories. This ninth new prize category required that a player matches two of the main numbers in addition to the Super Number.

Lottosend Promotions

Lottosend Promotions

How the Lotto 6aus49 is played

The German Lotto 6aus49 follows a 6/49+1/9 matrix. With this matrix, to participate in the lottery, each player is required to select 6 numbers from a pool of numbers from 1 to 49 plus an additional number known as the “Superzahl” or “Super Number” from a pool of numbers from 1 to 9. The Superzahl performs the same function performed by the Powerball in the US Powerball lottery. The odds of winning a prize, therefore, in this lottery stands at 1 in 31. The Superzahl is chosen just once and it applies to all the lines purchased on the ticket.

  • Spiel 77

This game is played alongside the Lotto 6aus49. For an additional fee, players can opt in to this game. To play this game, a seven-digit number is automatically and randomly generated for the Lotto 6aus49 ticket with the last digit of the number acting as the Superzahl number. Should any player match some or all of the numbers in order, they stand the chance of winning amazing cash prizes. The jackpot amount for this game is always less than or equal to €177,777 which can increase should no one match the exact order in which the numbers are drawn.

  • Super 6

This is yet another game which players of the Lotto can add to their tickets. Here, a seven-digit number is randomly generated as with the Spiel 77, but in this case, the first digit is disregarded.

Prizes are won when a player successfully matches the numbers in the order in which they were generated. Matching all six numbers can fetch you a €100,000 while matching just the final number can get you a €2.50 prize.

Playing Lotto 6aus49 online

One of the reasons for the increasing popularity of this lottery game is the fact that it can be played by both German and non-German residents via any trusted online lottery service provider.

Players in Germany can choose to either buy their lottery ticket in person through an authorised retailer. Alternatively, players can choose their numbers online and participate in the lottery.

Playing the lottery online is easy, convenient, reliable and secure. Players do not have to stand in queues or displace themselves to purchase tickets. Also, online lottery platforms are easy to navigate and use even for the most novice of users. They also give users enhanced options which help to increase the chances of winning the lottery. Finally, players’ tickets are secure and as such, the risk of losing a winning ticket is eliminated.

Most online lottery platforms simply require that the player creates an account, after which he/she can select his/her favourite lotteries such as the Lotto 6aus49, select his/her numbers and play.

Winnings and Prizes

The German Lotto 6aus49 is played twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 6:25PM and 7:25PM respectively. During the draws, six balls are drawn from a pool consisting of 49 balls numbered from 1 to 49. After that, an additional number is drawn from the pool of 9 numbers. The additional ball is the Superzahl.

The jackpot is won when a player selected numbers and Superzahl number on his ticket successfully match the six main numbers and the Superzahl drawn by the lottery organizers. The jackpot amount for this lottery usually starts at around $1.3 million. However, because of the fact that the jackpot amount can be rolled over and is increased by an additional €1 million each time it is rolled over, that jackpot amount can sometimes increase to very huge sums in case they do. The jackpot and other prizes are usually paid off as a single cash lump sum amount which, as has been mentioned above, is tax-free for German residents. The odds of winning the jackpot stands at 1 in 139.83 million.

Lottosend Promotions

Lottosend Promotions

It is estimated that the German Lotto 6aus49 pay out approximately €3.6 billion every year. Should more than one player win any of the top tier prizes, the prize is split among the winners. Apart from the lottery jackpot, eight other prize categories exist. Depending on how many numbers between 2 and 6 that a player matches irrespective of whether or not he/she matches the Superzahl, he/she is entitled to a prize. The prize amount increases as the amount of numbers matched increases. For example, matching six numbers without the Superzahl will win a player the second prize, the third-tier prize is won when a player matches 5 of the 6 main numbers plus the Superzahl while the fourth, sixth and eight tier prizes require that players match five, four or three of the six main balls without the Superzahl. 50% of the total ticket sales for the German Lotto are given out as prizes and used in publicity of the lottery. This makes more people to play this increasing the amount per prize.

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