All About Florida Lotto: Florida State (USA) Lottery Game

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Florida Lottery

In 1986, the state of Florida allowed a referendum to take place for voters to decide whether or not to legalize gambling in the state via a lottery. Two-thirds of the voters supported the lottery as a constitutional amendment that would use all proceeds to fund the state’s public education. In almost thirty years since its establishment, it not just remains wildly popular, it has also evolved into multiple games for people to choose from, which means more ways to win and more revenue for Florida’s education.

The Type Of Games

Florida’s Lotto is full of diverse games to pick from in both draws and scratch-offs. The payouts vary, but the game always depends on the player and it still remains a lot of money to be given. Simply pick a game and choose the numbers as allowed by that game. For anyone that loses, they can always play the Cash Supply Second Chance Promotion, in which they submit non-winning tickets for scratch-off tickets. These scratch-offs could lead to cash winnings, such as $500 to $5000 a week – for life. (Note: while it is legally for life, in the event of the lotto’s disbandment, winners are guaranteed to receive winnings for at least 20 years.) The biggest of all lottery games are the Florida Powerball and the Florida Mega Millions. The next two major jackpots from these games are estimated at $220 million and $262 million.

Florida Lottery Odds

They dramatically vary based on game and prize level, as there are multiple ways in winning a prize. For example, in Florida Mega Million, the overall odds of winning anything are exactly. 1 in 14.71, while winning the whole Mega Million itself is 1 in 258,890,850. In the original Florida Lotto in choosing all 6 numbers correctly, the odds are 1 in 22,957,480. Read up and study the different odds allowed per game.

Educational Support

According to the Florida Lotto, its mission is to raise revenues to fund Florida’s educational system in public schools and universities. In almost 30 years, $31 billion has been raised. To add to the lotto’s contribution, the state passed the Bright Futures Scholarship Program in 1997 to help all students in their pursuit of an advanced education. The program has received over $5 billion in 20 years and has helped 750,000 students in getting into their university of choice. These donations are only a fraction of state’s annual education budget, but the Florida Lottery remains an important stream of funding for students and schools in every community.

In its 29 years of existence, the Lottery has become a permanent part of Florida’s success in helping young students achieve their dreams in education while also giving adults the chance to strike big. Everyone dreams of winning the lottery and using their winnings to pay off debts or fund any big project they desire to do. With the additional games, the millions of Floridian citizens have continued to stake out a chance to win it all. The Florida Lotto is for everyone to appreciate and benefit from into achieving their ultimate dream: riches.

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