Start Playing Now: How to Buy Powerball Tickets Online

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Many people are glad to spend money on an online lottery ticket because it is an excellent opportunity to win tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. If you compare the cost of tickets with the opportunity for future gain, it is a small fee. Added to this, psychologically, lottery players do not expect to win the jackpot and most consider the cost a loss immediately meaning that any win from a lottery such as the US Powerball is considered a bonus! Even if you never play the lottery, you should try and buy a Powerball lottery ticket! This is a fun game and its prizes may give you a chance to change your life forever!


Thanks to the internet buying lottery tickets has become quick and easy. Now, any player from anywhere in the world can play the Powerball lottery online and have their tickets stored in their online lottery account.

Buy US Powerball Tickets Online – Can I Buy Powerball Tickets Online?

Answer: Of course!

To buy US Powerball tickets online you need to find a suitable site (such as this one). It’s best for you to choose a reputable website that have all the rights for the sale of tickets and you can be sure about the safety and security of your Powerball tickets.

Buy Powerball Tickets Online - Scanned Tickets

Buy Powerball Tickets Online – Scanned Tickets

After your online application a designated agent is sent to buy a ticket for you. Your ticket will be on site before the prize draw, after which you will be notified of the results. If you have won a prize, you will be notified via email of your Powerball win. Alternatively you can check your results yourself by logging into your account where you bought the Powerball ticket initially.

Playing the lottery is very fun and interesting, especially if you do it at home instead of standing in long queues in the store. Buying lottery tickets online is very popular because it is comfortable and fast, of all the lottery games out there, people buy US Powerball tickets online the most.

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US Powerball LogoPowerball Jackpot

Each season jackpots grow and hundreds of millions of people dream of getting the coveted prize, which can cardinally change their lives.

Now the US Powerball is the most famous lottery in the United States, and arguably the world! The total prize fund of the lottery has a minimum jackpot which is set at $40 million. If no winners are found then the Powerball jackpot keeps growing and growing until it hits heights such as we are currently seeing. $375m USD is an insane amount of money to win – even after all the possible taxes you can expect to be walking away with a $200m USD….cash!

When are the US Powerball prize draws?

Every draw takes place on Wednesday and Saturday at 11 pm. In this game there are 9 ways to win the prize, but the most coveted prize is the jackpot prize. If a player matches 5 balls and 1 bonus ball, he wins the main jackpot.

Winners can choose how they want to receive their prize. There are two ways; a lump sum or installment payment over several years. Each winner chooses which is convenient for him; no matter which option you decide to receive your winnings in, you will be susceptible to the same level of tax.

How Can I Check the US Powerball Results?

 >> Latest lotto results can be found here <<

It’s very simple to do and you have a few options to choose from: you can watch the broadcast on TV live or see the results of the draw on the official website of the lottery. The US Powerball is drawn at 10pm on the west coast of America, if you are located in Europe for example, you may not need to see the draw live as it will take place in the small hours of the morning. In this scenario you can go straight to the website of where you bought the ticket and check the results there. After each draw the information about the winners is on official site or online agent website.

How to Start Playing the PowerBall Lottery Online

Would you like to start playing this popular lottery online, without even having to go somewhere and buy a ticket? Good news! You can!

You can get online and buy tickets for the PowerBall and not even have to leave home for a chance to win one of the massive grand prize lotto jackpots.

How easy can it get?

If you are new to the lottery and have chosen this lottery as the game you want to play, you’ve made a wise choice.

About the PowerBall Lottery

One of the world’s largest and most popular lottery games.

It is an American game and is sold by 45 lotteries. It is a shared jackpot game and is coordinated by the MUSL, or Multi State Lottery Association.

One of the things that makes the PowerBall lottery so attractive to players and wannabe winners is that its minimum jackpot prize is $40 million and there is no maximum jackpot.

The jackpot keeps on rolling over until someone wins.

To date, the largest PowerBall jackpot and in fact, the largest jackpot ever on one ticket anywhere—in any lottery game—was on May 18th, 2013…a cool $590,500,000 prize.


How to Play the Lottery Online

If you want to start playing the PowerBall and getting chances to become an instant millionaire, you can play online.

Simply find a reputable, well established online lottery site to buy your tickets.

The lottery site will send one of its agents to buy tickets on your behalf, using the numbers chosen by you. These tickets will be locked away securely until the next lottery drawing and checked as soon as the winning numbers are announced.

You will be notified immediately if you are lucky enough to hit the PowerBall jackpot and any lesser, secondary winnings are deposited to your account.

Be sure to choose a lottery site that doesn’t charge fees on your winnings or take a percentage of what you win.

That’s it. It’s just that easy!

Start playing the PowerBall lottery online today and have a chance to be the next big jackpot winner. Visit our other recent blog post to read more about Powerball results!

Official Scanned USA Powerball Tickets Online

Official Scanned USA Powerball Tickets Online

You don’t need a cousin in America to play Powerball…

The internet has globalized many aspects of life, giving people access to better and cheaper products from other countries. For example, when looking for birthday presents, you used to buy whatever the store next door had to offer. Today, you can easily compare quality and costs of items in New York, Paris or Tokyo, and choose whatever’s best for you., an online lottery agency, is doing exactly the same things with lotteries from around the world.

Accessible lotteries

Sometimes, foreign lotteries are more appealing, whether because of bigger jackpots, better odds, or simply because they seem new and exciting. In the past, international lotteries were inaccessible unless you knew someone in another country who could buy a ticket for you. Today, with, you do know someone who can help you out. Lottosend has representatives who can buy tickets for online clients in the United States and in various European countries.

What’s out there?

There’s big money out there. American lotteries, such as Mega Millions and Powerball, tend to have larger jackpots, often reaching over $100 million. Every few months a news story breaks out of some American winning a record amount. Europe, as always, is more chic and elegant: lotteries such as Euro Jackpot and Euro Millions have less balls to choose from and higher chances of winning something.

Simple and safe

Taking part in lotto online is as simple as choosing numbers on, paying through a secure SSL-protected site, and having the ticket emailed or physically sent to you shortly after. Lottery draws take place on different days depending on the country: Powerball days are Wednesday and Saturday; Euro Jackpot day is Friday.