Act Fast and Get Tickets! The Eurojackpot Draw This Friday (29th June) Is Now Worth 90 Million Euros

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Eurojackpot Tickets Online

Eurojackpot Tickets Online

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One of the most popular and biggest lotteries in Europe is Eurojackpot and it has grown quickly since the first draw was conducted on March 23 rd , 2012. The starting jackpot of the game is worth €10 million, which then increases with rollovers. A total of 18 countries participate in the Eurojackpot, which include Czech Republic, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Italy, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Norway, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, Spain, Latvia and Slovakia. The draw for the Eurojackpot is conducted every Friday night in Helsinki, Finland at 19:00 GMT. The latest draw will be held on Friday, 29th June, 2018 and the top prize of the lottery has reached a whopping €90 million.

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Up until now, there have already been three Eurojackpot winners and everyone is wondering whether another one will be crowned this Friday. So far in 2018, approximately 17 million tickets have won and three of these have been tickets that won the jackpot. The first jackpot of the year was claimed in February by a five-person syndicate from Loimaa, Finland. They managed to take home a windfall of €90 million after the activation of the jackpot cap. This draw was a historic one for the country itself and the biggest ever winning ticket in Finland.

Following in the footsteps of their Finnish counterparts, it was a German Eurojackpot player who became a multi-millionaire overnight after he landed a jackpot worth €42.6 million in March. He purchased the winning ticket in south-ease of Berlin from Neukolln. Two weeks later, it was a Norwegian Eurojackpot player that landed the jackpot and secured a payout of about €17.4 million. The woman, hailing from Aust Adger, who succeeded in matching all of the five main numbers as well as the two Euro numbers said that she would celebrate her new-found wealth by jetting off to Thailand.

As far as this jackpot is concerned, it is a given that participants of the Eurojackpot from all 18 countries would be desperate to win the eight figure top prize in this Friday’s draw. This is because the jackpot has been rolling over steadily for about eight draws now without a winner. There is still a chance for people to participate in the Eurojackpot if they haven’t already done so. Players can decide to participate offline by visiting authorized ticket retailers or they can use the concierge services that are widely available for playing the Eurojackpot online.

For those wondering how to play the Eurojackpot, the rules are quite straightforward. The results are comprised of seven numbers in total. First, there are five regular balls that are selected from a total of 1 and 50. Once this is done, there are two special numbers called the Euro numbers that are chosen from 1 and 10. In order to win the jackpot, the player has to match all seven numbers that are drawn. In the case where the seven numbers are not matched by any ticket holder, the jackpot is rolled over to the next draw.

There is a cap for the jackpot at €90 million, but if the funds obtained from the sales of the ticket are in excess of this amount, then these extra funds are rolled down and become part of the second tier prize pool. There have been two occasions in the game’s history where the largest jackpot of €90 million has been won; the first was in May 2015, which was taken home by a single ticket holder from the Czech Republic and the second was won in October 2016 by a German player.

The good news for players is that even after the jackpot, there are about 11 additional smaller tiers and they have the opportunity of winning even if they are able to match two numbers in the draw. A large number of participants of the Eurojackpot are very strategic in how they choose the numbers for their draw. They spend some time in looking at the statistics of the past draws that have taken place, which involve looking at the numbers in a lot of detail. The statistics show the numbers that are most frequently draw, odd numbers and other similar statistics that can be helpful in choosing the best possible numbers.

Yes, it is true that there is an equal chance of every set of numbers being drawn, looking at the statistics can be immensely helpful because it provides an insight into which combinations are the most popular in the Eurojackpot lottery. This information can be used to select the set of numbers that just might win you the €90 million in this Friday’s draw. However, if players are not this analytical and don’t want to go for this approach, there are other options at their disposal. You could go with the Lucky Dip or there is also the Random Number Generator.

These methods are popular in players who prefer to choose completely random numbers in the upcoming draw. Another common approach that is often used by players is basing their selection of numbers on important dates and birthdays. But, if you are going for this approach, it is necessary to bear in mind that these numbers fall on the lower end of the scale. This means that should you win, there is a chance that you may have to share the huge jackpot with another player as you are selecting from basically 30 numbers rather than 50.

There are also players who have been participating in the Eurojackpot draw for a long time and they use the same numbers in every draw out of sheer superstition. They are convinced that if they change the numbers then they will show up in the draw and do not wish to miss out in case they do. Previous winners of the Eurojackpot lottery have also provided some tips into choosing the numbers and they can also be used by participants when they are trying for the jackpot. The bottom line is that at the end of the day, how you choose your numbers doesn’t really matter; all that matters is that you have a ticket that can win you €90 million on Friday.

To start playing now visit play Eurojackpot page

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