Lotaria Bulgaria by “Eurobet” is the Popular Bulgarian Lottery Game Played by Over 50 Thousand People Per Week

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Officially known as the Republic of Bulgaria, Bulgaria is a country found in the Southeastern part of Europe. It shares boundaries to the north with Romania, to the East with Serbia and Macedonia, the Black Sea to the West and to the South with Turkey and Greece.

Bulgarian Lev

Bulgarian Lev

(Bulgaria) This country is the 16th largest country in Europe and has a surface area of 110,994 square kilometers (42,855 Square miles). In addition to the many socio-economic activities that bring income in to the country, the country is also renowned for its lotteries which are all products of the Bulgarian Eurobet.

Eurobet, is a PLC (private limited company), that was established in the year 1996. They have made their name as the leaders of the Bulgarian gaming market especially in the field of numerical games and scratch cards. The company started building its business since 2006 through their high-quality product portfolio and their provision of innovative solutions in the field of number games. The EUROCHANCE, based on Keno – one of the oldest lottery games, has earned its place as the most loved number game in Bulgaria. All the games included on Eurobet’s portfolio such as the Lottomania and Poker Chance among others have been licensed by the Bulgarian Commission on Gambling. At the beginning of 2015, Eurobet made all their products available online while also making it the gaming experience more enjoyable for players by making it possible for games to played on PC or via mobile devices.

INTRALOT Acquires 49% of the Shares of Bulgaria’s Eurobet

On the 6th of April 2016; INTRALOT a Greek gambling supplier and operator of lotteries and other betting games for the global gaming industry made their intensions to add and strengthen their position in the Eastern European gambling market clear, by buying a 49% stake in the Bulgarian Gaming Company, Eurobet. The Greek gaming giants used their Bulgarian subsidiary BILOT to purchase 49% of the shares of the Bulgarian Number Games Leader. It is important to know that INTRALOT’s operations in the Bulgarian gambling market are not limited to the buying of 49% of Eurobet’s shares. Before this, the company had bought a 49% stake in Bulgaria’s local sport betting operator, EuroFootball. In addition, it offers live betting and fixed odds to its customers via a sequence of 850 shops scattered all over the country since 2002.

Some of the Betting Options that Eurobet Offers


Eurobet’s first private instant lottery was launched in the year 2011. In January 2015, under the name Lotaria Bulgaria, this private instant lottery was upgraded. Today, the Lotaria Bulgaria, the Eurochance and all other Eurobet games are distributed and available in over 1100 betting shops across Bulgaria. The Lotaria Bulgaria Scratch card are also available in more than 5000 selling points across Bulgaria. 14 Scratch cards have been added in the Lotaria Bulgaria. The Lotaria Bulgaria which started as a TV show in January 2016 is currently the most watched TV show in Bulgaria.

Sport Betting

In the category of sports, Eurobet offers some interesting play options which include horse racing, soccer, ice hockey, tennis, golf, grand prix and the dart. The site where these games are available is well organized such that players are able to see what games are available for play, what odds are allocated to each game, what play options are available and many other details which are important to the player. With the live bet option, players can place their bets while the match is going on. Alternatively, you can plan ahead and play matches which are still to begin. The user-friendly interface offers the player a rich and satisfactory experience.

Poker, gaming bets and casino

Statistics show that a majority of people who use Eurobet’s gaming platform enjoy playing games in the Gala Casino. Here, players can participate in and play popular games such as Baccarat, Punto Banco and Blackjack among others. Players can play these games just for fun or decide to play against opponents. Players can also choose the EuroRoulette, 3 to 5 to wheel slots, video poker and even table game of cards.

For lovers of Poker, visit Eurobet’s Poker Page where you can choose your favorite game from the different games they provide. Players also have the chance to participate in tournaments with other players or choose other games which they wish to participate in. Some of the games include the 7-card Studs and Omaha. Of course, players have the chance to benefit from the free rewards that accompany the VIP loyalty program. Through this program, you can gain points which give you a chance to win more bonuses by redeeming your points.

Eurobet’s Gala Bingo gives players the chance to win after every two minutes. This means that every two minutes, Gala Bingo gives a player the chance to win. Alternatively, players who are not interested in the Gala Bingo can turn their attention to the Game Room where they can find a variety of different games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Keno, the King’s Hi Lo and so much more. Eurobet also gives players the option to play as a Guest meaning players do not need to create an account before they can play games.

Bonuses and Promos

During certain periods Eurobet offers promotions, bonuses and discounts alongside free bets to their existing clients or to first-time users of their gaming platform. In addition to the aforementioned, loyal poker customers have added advantages and earn more rewards than first-timers. Of course, the more your rewards, the higher your level and the higher your level, the greater the amount of money you are sure to make.


Eurobet’s success in the field of online betting and numerical gaming can be largely attributed to their excellent Customer service support staff available 24/7. In addition to the fact that they ensure that all their customers are up to date with latest trends in sports, they also provide their clients with top-notch online help and support on how to play and win each of their games. Since Bulgaria’s Eurobet joined forces with INTRALOT, they have made sports betting easy, fun and amazing. And with the vast array of products they provide, there is no doubt that they are the leaders of Bulgaria’s gambling market.

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