El Gordo Lottery has pleased a small seaside town!

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Where it was won by nearly 600 million Euros!

Residents of the city are celebrating their victory, they were lucky as ever – their city has become one of the main winners when this lottery in total gives a prize of 2 billion Euros. On the streets you can see the cork from a bottle that symbolizes the grand celebration and the joy of victory.

Festive parade this year fell in the small town Roquetas de Mar, where a number of residents in the festive fun clothes and a bottle of the traditional drink. The celebration was in full swing, it has sold nearly 1,600 tickets. Those lucky men who had tickets for 20 Euros impressive win prizes of up to 400 000 Euros.

The city received a total of almost 600 million Euros; this amount combines all cash prizes El Gordo issued in this town. In fact, this city is now called the most successful in the country, because such an impressive amount was not recorded in the same city. One of the sellers of local stores sell a lot of tickets for the main draws and he was so tired that he had asked his men not to tease.

Many tickets were sold to local residents, while others were sent to other countries. Even tourists bought tickets for El Gordo lottery, because the lottery is a tradition and part of the celebration of Christmas. This drawing is so important that people come to Spain, even on small boats to buy the desired ticket and take part in the draw.

One man shared his impressions, because he arrived in Spain in 2007 and he had problems because he could not go home. The prize of El Gordo made a miracle and gave the man a chance to return to his homeland. He thanked the governments to Spain for a wonderful chance for the lottery, which saved him.

For 200 years, the state lottery has become a great way to combat the crisis. This year, the lottery has not brought the country and every year it lowers the unemployment rate, because now this level has dropped by 10 points, which is a significant difference for the population.

spanish el gordo lottery

Gabriel Amat, the mayor said that the lottery has brought the city and made a success of importance for very difficult times, which are going through the city.

The mayor also said that the player is part of a common cause, which combines even more structure to help the city and its residents. All the money went to the beautification of the city and helps the needy.

El Gordo lottery De Navidad is not just for the Spaniards, it’s a tradition, it’s Christmas, and it’s the spirit of the holiday. All of the adult population of the country rushes to buy tickets for them and their families. This year the total prize pool was nearly 2.6 billion Euros, which is more than last year by 4.5%.


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