The Ecuador Lottery – History of the Ecuador Lotto and How To Play

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Ecuador Lottery

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There has been national lottery in Ecuador for over 120 years. This is quite impressive and during this time, a number of games have been introduced in the Ecuador lottery with some of them becoming national leaders. The most popular lottery game played in Ecuador is the Ecuador Lotto. The game initially began in 1989 and has undergone a number of changes to finally reach the format that we see these days. There are three drawings conducted on a weekly basis on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. There is a unique characteristic that has set this Ecuador Lottery apart from other games; players don’t get to choose their numbers.

Ecuador Lotto Tickets

Instead, there are pre-printed numbers on the ticket and you just buy them. This means that there will be a single winner for every drawing for the respective jackpot because the numbers cannot be repeated. Ecuador Lotto is quite legitimate and organized by a national entity. Thus, it is quite safe to try your luck at this game of the Ecuador Lottery.

Loteria Nacional (the National Lottery) is the organization that has the responsibility of organizing a range of lotteries and distributing the prize amongst winners. Through this structure, some funds are also dedicated to some good causes by the Loteria Nacional. In the beginning, the funds that were generated through the Loterial Nacional games were used for making some of the best hospitals in the country.

It was in 1984 that a law allowing the establishment Loteria Nacional was first approved. The primary purpose of the organization was to help in collecting funds for the Ecuadorians. On October 21, 1984, the first lottery draw was conducted. As far as the Ecuador Lotto is concerned, it was launched on September 23, 1989. This makes it one of the oldest games in the Loterial Nacional portfolio. Apart from Lotto, there is a wide array of games offered by the Ecuador Lottery including Loteria Nacional, Match Mania, Triple Bonus, Lucky Keno and Pozo amongst others. Some of these games are available in the online format and you can play them directly on the Loteria Nacional website.

Guide to Playing Ecuador Lottery

When it comes to playing Ecuador Lotto, you should know that it is one of the easiest games out there and doesn’t give any problems at all. Even someone who is playing for the first time will have absolutely no problems in understanding it.

  • First things first, you need to buy yourself a ticket, which you can do by visiting a licensed retail vendor.
  • The next step is to select a ticket that has the numbers you like. The price of a ticket is just $1, which makes it very affordable for you to participate.
  • The drawings are televised and conducted thrice a week. You have to be very careful when matching your ticket with the numbers drawn. You will win the jackpot if your numbers match those that are drawn.

Ecuador Lottery Payouts

The top prizes and jackpots for the weekly drawings vary. Those who are participating in the draw on Tuesday and Thursday are eligible for winning a prize of up to $200,000. In contrast, the jackpot available on Saturday is much bigger as players have the opportunity of winning the prize worth $500,000. However, since the prize is higher for Saturday draws, the cost of the ticket is also double i.e. $2 per ticket.

Second Tier Prizes

There is a large number of prize tiers in the Ecuador Lottery. The second and third prizes of the game are approximately $10,000 and $5,000 respectively. There are various other prizes that are also available and in the range of $900 to $1,000. The total award pool set aside for the drawings on Tuesday and Thursday is about $339,600.

Claiming the Ecuador Lotto Prizes

Depending on the amount they have won through the games in the Ecuador Lottery, players have several options at their disposal for claiming their prize. You can visit a licensed retail vendor or a shopping center for collecting a prize up to $10. In the case of larger prizes, you have visit one of the offices of the Loteria Nacional that can be found in a number of Ecuadorian cities.

A prize of about $2,000 is paid out in the form of a lump sum and higher amounts are issued in the form of checks. Players should bear in mind that 14 percent of the money is deducted because the money is dedicated to a charitable organization or some fund. The prize can be claimed by players within three months after the drawing is held.

Playing the Ecuador Lottery Online

Currently, the Ecuador Lottery tickets are not available through online agencies. However, citizens of Ecuador have the option of visiting the official Loteria Nacional website and signing up for an online account. You have to be 18 years old for this purpose and need to be present in the country in order to do so as it is not available for outsiders.

The payout system is also a bit different who are playing through an online account and buy their tickets from the Loteria Nacional website. Prizes of up to $10 are simply credited to your account. Larger prizes of about $2000 are used for funding any future purchase of tickets or a payment order is issued for collecting the funds. If the prize is higher than this amount, it has to be collected from from a regional office after a payment order is issued through the website.

How Can I Win the Ecuador Lotto?

Just because the numbers are pre-printed doesn’t mean that you cannot apply any tactics for selecting your ticket. You have the option to choose any ticket on which the numbers appeal to you. It is possible to select a ticket that has a combination of odd and even numbers or one that has your lucky number or birthday in it. Also, you should buy more tickets for improving your chances of winning the Ecuador lottery.

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