Why No One Talks About Double Winners Anymore ?

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It may seem like a long shot when you play the lotto but the following story is sample proof that it seems to be pretty real to beat the odds and win.

In fact, the very lucky couple from Belmont, California, in November 20th in 2012 and lucky woman from Virginia in the US in April of 2012, beat the long odds of hitting jackpot for several times during one day!

Have you ever thought that you could win the lottery? And now imagine that someone did it twice!

Continue reading to pick up more things about this incredible winnings!


The Gallinas Play the Lottery

Angelo Gallina double winnerThe time of their astonishing double lottery wins, Angelo Gallina was a seventy eight years old resigned railroad engineer and his wife Maria a 65 year old local of Bari, Italy.

Angelo cheerfully admitted in an interview for the online edition of the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper that he had been buying lottery tickets every day since 1985.

Both he and his wife Maria had a somewhat unique method of picking lottery numbers.

Using a gadget with small numbered balls purchased from a local drugstore, they shook it to get the numbers they would play each day. How did this work?

Here is what Angelo Gallina had to say about it:

“You shake it, and after that you get two numbers and marked it,” he told ABCNEWS station KGO-TV in San Francisco. “At that point, you get another two, and another two and that is six numbers.”

“Like I said before,“ Mr. Gallina went on, “I take the highest number if it’s over 47 and put that up to it, and I take the lowest number and I put that in the mega. If I didn’t do that, I wouldn’t have won.”


Angelo and Maria had bought lottery tickets separately for the November 20th, 2012 drawings of the California Lottery games of Fantasy 5 and SuperLotto Plus.

Double Luck Lottery Wins

Not only one ticket but both hit the jackpot! The SuperLotto Plus game had the largest jackpot prize, worth $17 million before taxes.
They told interviewers after the two big wins that they planned to buy a new house and cat for starters. According to research about lottery winners, new cars and houses are two of the top ways players spend their money.
Mike Orkin, a professor of measurements at California State University, said that he calculated the odds of the Gallinas hitting the jackpots in two lotteries on the same day at an astronomical one in twenty three trillion.
It just goes to show that lottery players can have incredible luck!

Powerball Winner

Virginia Fike double winnerLater in that April, a Virginia woman Virginia Fike decided to buy one Powerball ticket and one ticket for the MegaMillions lottery.
She played her usual “lucky” numbers, which were based on her parents’ anniversary and their respective ages, divided by the year of their marriage. The jackpot was an impressive $80 million for the next drawing.
In order to hit the jackpot, a player should guess  all 5 of the white numbers and one more number –  the Powerball number.
When the results of the drawing were published and announced, there was noone who would wonn the jackpot. But 14 people across America had guess the five white numbers to win the tidy sum of $1 million each.
Two of those who should win were located in Virginia.
Powerball Lightning Strikes Twice
Ms. Fike was visiting her mother in the hospital and accidentally she saw the news about the Powerball lottery scroll across the television screen, saying that there were several $1 million winners in Virginia.
Upon her way home, Ms. Fike stopped by the right shop where she had purchased her tickets to check the Powerball ticket and then understood  that she had made a mistake that made her $1 million richer!
Instead of purchasing one Powerball lottery ticket and one for the MegaMillions lotto as she had intended, she recognise that she had accidentally bought two Powerball tickets.
Since she played the same numbers on both tickets, she was shocked and delighted to learn that she had won $2 million instead of one!
What luck!
A happy mistake indeed for this incredibly lucky Powerball player!

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