Damaged Lottery Ticket Used to Claim $63 Million

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Damaged lottery ticket is claimed for Superlotto-plus $63m Jackpot

A Superlotto-plus winner came forward at last minute to claim his prize…but is it real? This is the story of the Superlotto-plus jackpot winner, who’s telling the truth.

Firstly, the good news, a winner has come forward to claim the $63m USD SuperLotto Plus jackpot from August 2015. After a long search and much media attention surrounding the superlotto-plus drawing it appeared that a winner was been found. The man from California came forward to claim that he is rightful winner and owner of the ticket in question.

End of story? Not even the beginning:

damaged lottery ticket

This is a photo of the superlotto-plus ticket in question, you may be able to notice already why this didn’t settle the issue straight away!

The superlotto-plus ticket in question was turned in to lottery official with only days left until the winnings were to be forfeited and passed on to the Californian Education Agency. Despite the man claiming the damaged lottery ticket, it was rejected by the superlotto-plus lottery officials as being “too damaged to be reconstructed”

The “winner” in question is Brandy Milliner, who not only claims that his damaged superlotto-plus ticket is the winning ticket but that he also got a letter congratulating him on his jackpot win from the super-lotto plus organizers. He claims that it was only later that he received the letter from the same lottery organizers informing him that the ticket was too damaged and he would not be receiving the superlotto-plus jackpot prize he was waiting for.

At this stage, Milliner requested for his damaged lottery ticket to be returned to him. A request he claims was rejected and so he has begun legal proceedings in the hope that the judge will see his side of the story and decide that he is indeed, the superlotto-plus jackpot winner.

The organizers of the superlotto-plus are not convinced. “If, by some miracle you happen to find this extremely valuable piece of paper, Superlotto-plus organizers urge you to sign your ticket & get it as soon as possible to one of our Lottery District Offices.”

In the meantime, Mr. Milliner has said he will continue with the legal option as per his legal advice and seems quietly confident that the superlotto-plus jackpot will be with its rightful owner, him, as soon as he can get a judge to take a look at the case.

We say we wish Mr. Milliner the best of luck claiming his superlotto-plus prize and hope it ends up being settled in the right way, with the right winner receiving his winnings.

The moral of the story is: if you play the lottery, keep a close eye on your tickets!


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