USAMEGA – Countdown to Millions! USA Mega Millions $267 Million Jackpot Draw on Friday!

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There’s a little more than 2 days left before the Mega Millions draw.  Yes, Friday night, at 11 pm EST, there’s a prize up for grabs of an unbelievable $267 Million.

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How to Buy Mega Millions Tickets Online:
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Rollover Brings Jackpot To $267 Million

USAMEGA lottery next draw – Since no-one picked the winning numbers on Tuesday, the jackpot has surged, meaning that the cash value of a win comes in now at an even bigger sum!

USAMEGA Huge Bi-Weekly Jackpots

Mega Millions is notorious for paying out enormous sums to its winners, including 20 jackpots of more than $300,000,000 since it started.  It’s simple to play – pick five different numbers, ranging from 1 to 70, then your Mega Ball (any number from 1-25). Like every other lottery, your win will depend on how many numbers match up with the numbers drawn.

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USAMEGA - Official Scanned USA Mega Millions Tickets Online

USAMEGA – Official Scanned USA Mega Millions Tickets Online

This fantastic, exciting multi-state lottery began in May 1992 now and with millions of people playing each Tuesday and Friday, jackpots accumulate fast, with a minimum prize on offer of $40 million twice weekly. Moreover, we use methods guaranteed to increase your chances of winning a prize.

Only on March 24th did a Washington resident Michael Burkett scoop a $100 million cash prize, after holding onto the ticket for over two weeks, unaware what he had in his possession. Mega Millions tickets are officially on sale in 42 states within the US, as well as Washington DC and the US Virgin Islands.

Mega Millions Official Scanned Tickets

Mega Millions Official Scanned Tickets

USAMEGA – Mega Millions Jackpot Odds

Currently, the odds of hitting five numbers are 1 in 12,607,306 but someone’s got to win, right? Buy your ticket with Lottosend right now, for as little as $8.10 for 50 lines when playing with the group play option.

To buy USAMEGA tickets now visit play Mega Millions page


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