All About Colombia Baloto: Colombia National Lottery Game

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In regard to lotteries, the Colombia Baloto is moderately new. It was first started in 2001 and now with the help of the world wide web, it is not necessary for you to actually reside in Columbia or be there to play Baloto and to buy a ticket so you have the opportunity of becoming a huge winner by playing online.

The Colombia Baloto presents the most famous game to play because of the large jackpots available if you are fortunate enough to match the lucky digits.

Colombia Lotto offers a cumulative jackpot that offers players an opportunity to turn into Colombian billionaires. This game has existed for more than 10 years. There is an extra Revancha draw also which offers you access to another accumulative draw.

Playing the Colombian Baloto

For ticket buyers to engage in playing the Colombian Baloto, they should select 6 digits ranging from 1-45 (inclusive). Two draws are held each week at night on Wednesday and Saturday. Immediately following the drawing, participants can check whether any of the numbers they chose have been drawn.

In case you are sufficiently lucky to have selected six digits which match the digits drawn, you will hit the jackpot whose minimum amount is COL$ which is equal to about €610.000.

Rollovers for Colombian Baloto

The Colombian Baloto provides a progressive jackpot. Therefore, if no person is able to match each of the six digits, it goes on rolling over, becoming larger until someone eventually gets it accurate.

In 2012, the largest jackpot was won and €38.000.000 was awarded to the lucky winner. One of the wonderful aspects that make Colombia Baloto so famous is the fact that there is no cap on the rollover, which signifies that it is able to rise above most individuals’ wildest dreams, offering them the lifestyle they have always desired!

Winning odds

The winning odds for each ticket are 1:8.145.060 to hit the jackpot; but other smaller prizes are available for winning by the ones who match a minimum of 3 and 5 lucky digits that are drawn.

Another element that is different about Colombian Baloto is Revancha, which means rematch. This independent draw can be entered with the use of similar digits as the Colombian Baloto and essentially offers players a second opportunity to win big.

The Revancha jackpot is COL$500.000.000; but, similar to Columbian Baloto you can win smaller prizes to match fewer digits from 3 to 5.

Jackpot for Colombian Baloto

The jackpot for Colombian Baloto is 2 billion pesos but it can roll over to go up to a limitless amount. In case you want to join the Colombian Baloto from a different country, you need to examine the exchange rates to check the amount of the jackpot in your currency.

There are fixed prizes for each digit matched from 3 onwards. However, in case others obtain a similar quantity of matches, the prize is split between them.

If one is fortunate enough to become a winner of the larger prizes, a 20% tax amount is applicable, which is implemented by the government of Colombia.

Normally, this tax is applicable to winning when 5 or 6 digits are matched, giving you a larger amount compared to the smaller prizes. You can also join a lot of other people and become a winner of Baloto, whatever state you reside in. You shall manage to buy tickets and check the outcomes online comfortably from home.

Playing Baloto Online

The lottery utilizes a matrix of 6/45. This means that you shall need to select six balls marked from 1-45 and obviously, to win, you should be lucky enough to match each of them and hit the jackpot beginning from $1 million.

You might also anticipate that the secondary cash prizes will match any 5, 4 and 3 balls. You shall be given two choices for playing online:

  1. Colombia Baloto digits can be chosen either randomly by computer or manually.
  2. Traditionally, the draws occur two times each week at 11:00 p.m. (UTC-5) Columbia time on Wednesday and Saturday. To purchase Colombia Baloto tickets online, get one or numerous trustworthy lottery agent first.

Tricks & Tricks for Skilled Baloters

It is obvious that waiting for the jackpot to build up is the solution to getting an opportunity for larger earnings. A lot of theories exist and it is easy for you to come across the digits that are drawn in Baloto regularly.

If you believe a strategy like this raises your winning odds, you should certainly implement them. In case you wish to play the Revancha, this will require you to make more payment; however, this opportunity is worth every cent. The Revancha prizes are not very impressive but it is a great idea to get access to two draws.

Can Players from abroad purchase Baloto Tickets?

By selecting a great online agent, it is possible for international players to give Baloto lotto a try. These websites present local representatives who buy tickets for the customers. Every agent has particular terms and conditions. Examine these prior to choosing one opportunity over another.

Remember that Colombia has what is known as Impuesto a Ganadores de Loterias (tax on winnings for the lottery). The total of the tax is 17% of the earned amount. Prior to purchasing a ticket, it might be a wonderful idea to learn about the taxation in your individual state and whether you shall incur a loss of the amount twice.

Conclusion about Baloto Colombia

Colombia Baloto offers a number of wonderful benefits:

  • The jackpot has attractive odds for becoming a jackpot winner.
  • A regular draw is available, as well as a Revancha draw.
  • Draws are held two times each week.
  • The jackpot rolls over to the following draw in case there are no winners.
  • Getting 5 accurate digits shall also lead to a lovely prize.
  • International players can take part.

Baloto is fun to try. However, for people who are in search of millions, this lottery is not for them. This is because the jackpot is humble. Baloto offers a genuine international opportunity to earn in the lottery.

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