All About Colombia Baloto: Colombia National Lottery Game

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The Colombia Baloto is fairly new when it comes to lotteries and was originally launched in 2001. Thanks to the internet being so popular you don’t have to actually live or be in Columbia to purchase a ticket and have a chance of winning big. The Colombia Baloto is the most popular game to play thanks to the huge jackpots on offer if you are lucky enough to match the lucky numbers.

To play the Colombian Baloto ticket buyers need to choose 6 numbers that are from 1 to 45 (inclusive). There are two draws taking place every week on a Wednesday night and Saturday night and not long after the drawing participants are able to check to see if any of their chosen numbers have been drawn. If you are lucky enough to have chosen six numbers that match the drawn numbers then you will net yourself the jackpot which is at minimum COL$ which equates to roughly €610.000. The Colombian Baloto has a progressive jackpot so if no one manages to match all six numbers it continues to roll over getting bigger until someone finally gets it right. It was back in 2012 that the biggest jackpot was won and the lucky winner received €38.000.000. one of the great things that makes the Colombia Baloto so popular is the fact that the rollover has no cap which means that it can increase beyond most people’s wildest dreams giving them the lifestyle they have always wanted.

The odds of winning per ticket are 1:8.145.060 to win the jackpot, however there are other smaller prizes to be won by those that match at least 3 and anything up to 5 lucky numbers with those drawn. Another difference to the Colombian Baloto is the Revancha which translates to rematch. This separate draw can be entered by using the same numbers as the Colombian Baloto and basically gives players a second chance to win big. The jackpot for the Revancha is COL$500.000.0000, but as with the Columbian Baloto you are able to win smaller prizes for matching less numbers from 3 to 5.

The Colombian Baloto jackpot is 2 billion pesos but can roll over to reach an unlimited amount. If you are looking to enter the Colombian Baloto from another country you should check the exchange rates to see what the jackpot equates to in your currency. There are set prizes for every number matched from 3 and above however if others get the same amount of matches the prize is divided between them.

If lucky enough to win one of the bigger prizes there is an applicable tax amount of 20% as set by the Colombian Government. This tax usually applies to winning from matching 5 or 6 numbers landing you a higher amount than the smaller prizes. You too could join many others and become a Colombian Baloto winner whatever country you are in. You will be able to purchase tickets and check the results online from the comfort of home.