Playing Online Lotteries From Canada – Canadian Man Won 1$ Million US Powerball Jackpot ONLINE!

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Still don’t trust web enough to buy lottery tickets online?

Oh, you’re mistaken. When you purchase lottery tickets online you have the same chances, as when you buy tickets in the nearest grocery shop.

Online Lottery Canada

Still don’t trust Internet and online services enough? It’s wrongfully, and here you have a proof. A young Canadian man recently won 1$ million, his lucky ticket was purchased online.

Resident of Quebec became millionaire 27th of February, 2016. This winning was the second triumph of foreigner in Powerball this year.

online lottery winner

The name of winner remains a secret, so we will call him Mister X. All personal information, which is available about winner is that he is from Canada, Quebec and he is 60 years old.

The ticket was purchased just before night draw. Man got a notification about approaching game and rushed to buy a ticket (which actually appeared to be a lucky one). Mister X likes lotteries, so he was participating in drawings frequently.

But Saturday 27 was a special day, as Mister X was about to go to a hockey game (which took place in Montreal) just before he got a notification about upcoming lottery drawing. So, he was just in time to purchase a ticket and leave.

The next morning in Montreal at breakfast, he checked the lottery results and didn’t believe his eyes! He woke up a millionaire! Miracles do happen!

The number of Powerball admirers from Canada keep increasing

More and more people, from all parts of Canada trying to buy lottery tickets somehow, lots of them prefer going online to participate in Powerball lottery and try to gain a main jackpot.

Mister X is grateful to services that let him buy ticket online so quickly.

Sure, he has to go to New Jersey in order to take his winning, but he didn’t have to make such a trip only to stand in queue and to purchase a ticket.

So, in the end of this happy story we want to congratulate Mister X and advise you to save your time and to buy in the Internet!

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