Canadian Lottery Winner Stories Recap From July 2018

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Canada Lotto 6/49 Winners during July 2018

Tips for winning Canada Lotto 6/49

Just picture how much freedom you can get if you won a substantial amount of cash on Canadian Lotteries! The odds of winning the jackpot for Lotto 6/49 are 1-in 14 million. You might think winning is only a dream. However, you can follow some tips and strategies to help you strike it big on Lotto 6/49.

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You can take some steps to improve your odds. But, there is no assurance that when your odds improve you will win. Therefore, only bet what you can afford to lose!

The ideal tips and strategies to win substantial money are to raise the quantity of Lotto 649 tickets you can claim. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Purchasing more tickets.
  2. By creating a lottery pool.

In Canada, a ticket for Lotto 6/49 costs $2.  If you use $2 and buy only a single ticket, your winning odds are 1 in 14 million. If instead of this you purchase two tickets your odds are improved significantly to 1-in-7 million.

Only one more ticket raises your winning odds for the jackpot by a considerable margin. For instance, if your budget for every draw is $10, your winning odds might improve to 1-in-2.8 million which is a lot better.

It is not advisable to bet more money as you might lose more. It is where lottery pools prove useful.

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Lottery Pools

The best way to play the lottery is to create a lottery pool. Here, your winning odds of the jackpot increase considerably. For instance, if you have a pool consisting of ten players with a budget of $10 for each draw, the total is $100 which can purchase 50 tickets.

If you buy 50 tickets for Lotto 6/49, your odds would be 1-in-280,000. It is better than when you play alone. So bring together some family, friends or colleagues and form a lottery pool to raise your winning chances. You can build your odds by purchasing more tickets by joining a lottery pool. It is cost-free to establish the pool; you only need to buy the tickets.

A couple from Garson celebrates a Lotto 6/49 jackpot win of $9,333,580

Garson’s Roger and Therese Sirois are jubilating following their win of the jackpot valued at $9,333,580.80 from the Lotto 6/49 draw of July 11, 2018. According to the couple they have played Lotto 6/49 from its inception, said the 50-year-old couple. They revealed this when they went to pick their cheque.

‘We have enjoyed Poker Lotto, Lottario, and Daily Grand also.’

They played Lotto 6/49 each Wednesday from 1982 and nothing was out of the ordinary when they bought their ticket on 11 July 2018; one Quick Pick and one ticket with their numbers. The couple had no idea that they would have a life-changing experience with this Wednesday ticket.

One day after the draw, Therese decided to use the OLG Lottery App to check the tickets. She read the words ‘Big Winner!’ She went to the website to confirm it. ‘I found it so surreal and shocking,’ said Therese while laughing. The couple requested their two sons to visit for the weekend. They intended to give them a surprise and inform them that they were relocating to Toronto. This news made them thrilled especially when their parents gave them a copy of the validation slip and the winning ticket.

They lacked words at first then after that they talked nonstop. The couple said ‘It gives us much joy to see the children so thrilled.’ Therese, who retired from CRA and Roger who worked in the military for 35 years intend to split the cash with the family and purchase a home in Toronto nearer their sons and grandchildren.

Therese said happily, ‘We plan to have a family holiday in future. ‘Apart from that, however, we are taking it one day at a time.’

Roger exclaimed, ‘Am in seventh heaven!’ From when Ontario Lotto 6/49 was started in June 1982, players for Ontario Lotto 6/49 have won more than $12.3 billion such as 1,357 jackpot wins as well as $1 Guaranteed Million Prize draws totaling 244.

Winning ticket for Lotto 6/49 jackpot worth $7M sold in B.C.

A British Columbia ticket-holder claimed the jackpot for $7 million in the jackpot in the Saturday night draw for Lotto 6/49. A Quebec ticket-holder won the guaranteed prize of the draw worth $1 million. The jackpot for the subsequent Lotto 6/49 draw on 4 July is going to be about $5 million.

Three winning tickets get part of Saturday night’s Lotto 6/49 Jackpot of $5M; no winners in Manitoba

Three ticket-holders in Quebec, Calgary, and Ontario are going to split the jackpot of $5 million in the Saturday Lotto 6/49 draw of $5 million jackpot. No significant prize winners emerged from Manitoba.  The value of every winning ticket is $1,666,666.

A ticket-holder from Saskatchewan claimed the draw’s guaranteed prize of $1 million. Three ticket-holders in Quebec, Atlantic, and the British Columbia provinces matched five out of the six digits as well as the bonus and won $69,850 each. The following draw for the Lotto 6/49 jackpot on 1 August would be about $5 million.

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Lotto 6/49 ticket for $7 million bought in Metro Vancouver

A person from Metro Vancouver won $7 million, but they are not yet aware of it. According to the BCLC (BC Lottery Corporation), one ticket for Lotto 6/49 bought in Richmond matched each of the six digits across Canada and won the jackpot for $7 million.

According to the rules for BCLC, from the date of the draw, (inscribed on their ticket) all the prize-winners are given 52 weeks to claim their prize. The winning odds of a jackpot for Lotto 6/49 are 1 in 13,983,816.

BCLC reported that the particular retail location where someone bought a winning lottery and the name of the winner will be released after they go to claim their prize. Therefore, if you bought a ticket in Richmond the other day, ensure that you examine it because you might win $7 million.

Lottario Winners during July 2018

Ontario 49 Tickets Online

Ontario 49 Tickets Online

About Lottario

Lottario presents a different Ontario lottery which is drawn at 10.30PM EST each Saturday night. One entry costs $1, and every entry has two lines with six digits. The minimum jackpot carries $250,000, and the prize increases until someone wins it.

All the winners share the jackpot, but each of the other prize tiers is not split. Therefore, obtaining the 5/6 bonus will ensure you win $10,000 despite the number of players who receive the same prize.

Progressive Jackpot for Lottario

Any lottery needs a regular system that participants understand. However, at times, it is essential to make participating more attractive by raising the stakes or making it easier to win the jackpot. As the years go by, Lottario has treasured the need to increase the appeal of the stakes. In Ontario, this jackpot is the biggest, and it was started in 1978.

It improved with time, and it changed in 2015, providing improved odds as well as a progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot facilitates the availability of more prizes to be won.

Other Lottario winning improvements

Other than a rising jackpot, the game was improved in the following ways:

–  Extended options for advance pay; the possibilities are presently at 26 draws, a level up from the previous ten.

–   A $30 prize when you match the bonus number and four additional numbers.

–  A $5 prize when you match the bonus number as well as three numbers.

–    Improved winning odds which rose to 1 in 5.8 from 1 in 20.89.

A free play prize after you match the bonus number.

The second biggest Lottario Jackpot

In March 2017 when these improvements were made to the game, the most significant Lottario jackpot was $3,280,725. It happened two years after the jackpot started rising. The ticket that won was bought in Peterborough, and the winning numbers were 7, 8, 11, 15, 22 and 24.

The numbers for Early bird were 15, 32, 42 and 45 and the bonus number was 10. It is the biggest jackpot since the Lottario started in 1978. It follows the $3.6 million jackpot of 1992. These results for Lottario were welcome news to anyone who bought the ticket as they are now millionaires.

How to win the Ontario Lottario

If players want to win the Lottario jackpots, they need to match six numbers. During the draw, a bonus ball is drawn also from a similar drum as the original six balls. This lottery from Canada provides five prize categories, and each win needs to be claimed one year after the draw.

Lottario players have amazing winning odds beginning at 1:21 and they can win tax-free prizes as well as uncapped jackpots starting at $250,000. If one prize category has multiple winners, the winners are going to share the amount allocated to the division.

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A Canadian man strikes it rich in Lottario

Damien Cunningham from Toronto has become the newest Lottario millionaire! Damien took three weeks to claim, and he says he took his time because he thought it was too good to be true. He is lucky to walk away with an entire $2 million because Canada does not impose any tax on lottery winnings.

This significant jackpot was from one Ontario 49 ticket. OLG runs this lotto game from Canada. Damien’s play for the draw on July 16 cost him $1, and he got all the six winning digits correct. It is Ontario 49’s tier 1 prize with a $2,000,000 fixed prize.

You can also play online and win the jackpot of Lottario from any region in the globe when you play from your tablet, phone or computer. The good news is that when you become a winner, you will not need to pay taxes on your lottery win to the Government of Canada.

Purchasing Lottario Lottery tickets online

It is easy to purchase lottery tickets online so long as you utilise an honest lottery service. Being honest means checking what charges they impose apart from the actual price of the ticket (their service fee), their costs, and the payment procedure they use to transfer the cash to your account and whether they get a commission.

It is crucial for you to note the details since at times players complain they are charged more than what they had authorised. It happens because the players either failed to check something as they were signing up or their terms & conditions state that registering to play signifies that they instantly renew your subscription either monthly or weekly.

When purchasing lottery tickets online, you need to share private details and make some payment. The secret information is crucial as they describe you, and it is the only manner you can claim any considerable jackpot. It can make you uncomfortable if you are dealing with a person you have no confidence in.

Lottario win changes a teacher’s life!

Ryan Ludovic experienced a pleasant shock when he won a Lottario prize of $21.4 million. But, afterwards, he got an unpleasant shock!

The story of Ryan, now a multi-millionaire, started one day on 29 July when he used the remaining $35 he had left over after buying groceries to play the lottery. The lottery machine’s phone started ringing and he became instantly alarmed.

Ryan who is 43-years-old said he at first thought he had won $21,000.

Ryan said, ‘The woman I talked to laughed. She revealed that the lottery machine did not have sufficient room to accommodate all the digits.’

The lady informed him ‘No, Mr. Ludovic, you are a winner of $21 million!

Ryan says that he spent the entire day in a state of shock.

However, the excitement of winning millions soon evaporated. In the following few weeks, his world was full of financial scams and broken friendships.

Ryan was even unable to go back to his comfortable loft apartment after he picked his check. He spent the initial few weeks in a hotel to avoid stalkers and the media.

‘Six hours following my win, a scam artist was able to obtain my credit card number. The charities began hounding me instantly,’ said Ryan.

In spite of this, however, Ryan admits that winning this lottery was the best thing to have ever happened to him!

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