Lotto Max – The Canadian Lotto Game That Is Played By Millions Of People Every Week

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Canada Lotto Max started their games on September 25 of the year 2009, which came as a replacement for the old games known as Super Lotto 7. The main objective of Lotto Max is designed to offer players an excellent game which contains the best prizes, these nowadays are for more than 10 million Canadian dollars.

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Lotto Max

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(Canada Lotto Max) This is one of the lottery games that has the highest number of people playing in the country and even people from other places in the world play. One of the easiest ways to play Canada Lotto Max is that participants must select 7 numbers in a row of digits ranging from 1 to 49. You also have to select two other combinations which will be given once, have bought a lottery ticket with this strategy game, players have two great opportunities to win the first prize. Yes, the players have to hit in the 7 numbers that you chose to be the winners of a boat that surpasses the 10 million Canadian dollars.

The good news is that there are a number of smaller prizes you can also win if they manage to hit in the first three numbers. The players of the lottery have another opportunity because this Canadian Lottery features an incredible additional prize which you can win if you hit an eighth number better known as “the ball” which helps in great way for players to win any of the prizes.

Between the calendars of drawings that Canada Lotto Max handles we find that these are held once each week at 21:15 local time in the privacy of a unique studio located in the city of Ontario. The sale and purchase of the tickets will be officially closes 60 minutes before the draw. The details and the numbers of the Lotto Max awards are always automatically available at the official web page of this lottery once the draw finished selecting all the lucky winners.

Canada Lotto Max Rules, Prizes and Jackpot

So if you are eager to know and learn how you can play and obviously win the Canada Lotto Max, the only thing you have to do is to continue with us and discover all the step-by-step that you have to follow to be able to make your dream of winning the lottery ticket in the history of this country.

  1. The players have to select 7 numbers in a ballot of digits ranging from 1 up to the number 49

These numbers you can select yourself or you can choose to make the random play automatically where the machine is the that you select your numbers of good luck.

  1. For each combination you are going to play you can select or the machine can be selected by you, two combinations, in which each player has the right this is without a doubt a plus to the benefit of the players, because with these two additional digits have much more chance to win any of the prizes available.

It is worth mentioning that in some regions of the country, players have the option to purchase up to 12 numbers, which obviously not only increases the odds of winning, but the triples.

  1. The night of the draw, starts playing with the first 7 numbers, which segue a number known as the “eighth number” or “ball”. This without a doubt can help all players to win any of the prizes, but to do so they have to have at least successful in the number of the bonus ball and 3 or 6 of the other numbers.
  2. Players may not choose the eighth issue, because this is simply there to give them a last chance to win one of the prizes.

So in order to win the Canada Lotto Max, each and every one of the bettors have to hit 3 numbers by law, that is to say that if you hit in these 3 numbers you as owner of the lottery ticket you have the opportunity to obtain a valid game completely free for the next draw and all other categories will receive cash prizes. To be the winner of the first prize you have to hit the 7 winning numbers and this has a value of approximately $10 million, that yes, if there is no player who has the right to these 7 numbers, then that money is accumulated for the next draw where the jackpot lottery Canada Lotto Max amounts to a stop of more than 50 million dollars.

It is at this point when the pot reaches more than 50 million dollars it is automatically activated, popularly known as Maximilliones.

It is truly amazing the amount of money you can get by just playing the lottery ticket, it is clear that you have to be a lucky individual to be able to hit the winning numbers. There are hundreds of thousands of people in Canada and the world that bet even their savings in order to purchase a large set of lottery tickets with the supposed lucky numbers and that many times they fail even to recover the investment, but there are others who not only recover the money invested, but also become the new millionaires.

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All this is without doubt one of the best motivations that a human being can have to follow in this game of chance where anything can happen. There are players who have spent their entire life playing until one day he had the luck or until a day are simply tired of be throwing your money away in a game where they left their future without receiving anything in return.

Maybe they should implement a consolation prize for all those people who have spent years trying your luck and have not been able to do that, we are confident that this would motivate them and make them feel that at least they are recognized your effort, fidelity and constancy.

Now that you know the step by step on how you can become the next lucky grand prize winner of the Canada Lotto Max we are confident that you will be able to achieve this.

Can a Non-Canadian Resident Win and Claim the Lotto MAX Jackpot From Outside of Canada?

Yes! Many people who play Lotto MAX from outside of Canada (by buying tickets online) win prizes each week and claim their prizes easily in full.

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