Canada Day Lottosend Promotion 2017 – Join The Fun!

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>>Sign Up Here Canada Day Lottosend Promotion

Discount of 15% on all the draws to be held on 1st July
Promotion Code is CANADA15

Canada Day Online Lotto Promotion

Lottosend does not just provide a simple agency for online lottery ticket.  Rather, Lottosend has created an ambiance of gaming fun, which is more than a simple buy, and wait game.  The whole setup provides something that can be enjoyed, anticipated and welcomed. Its concept is unique and it has turned Lottosend into one of the most famous resellers of lottery tickets in the globe. So, you are able to play Mega Millions, Powerball and SuperLotto Plus at a fantastic discounted cost.  Make sure that you take advantage of this great offer…you might be a huge lottery winner and have more reason to celebrate Canada Day! Lottosend offers a refreshing approach to online lottery. It presents a user experience that is easy, lovely to navigate and effective. In the online lottery world, a lot of sites believe it is better to have more. Where Lottosend is concerned however, their priority is quality over quantity.

Winning Lotto on Canada Day!

In 1867 on 1st July, the provinces of Canada combined to create a single country called Canada. This is the reason that each year on 1st July, Canada Day is commemorated.

At Lottosend, we think the best way to celebrate this great day is by offering you the chance to become a big lotto winner! To facilitate this, we are offering a great discount of 15% on all the draws to be held on 1st July.

These shall apply to Saturday lotto, SuperLottoPlus, SuperEnalotto and Powerball.

The promotion Code is CANADA15 and all you need to do is include this code when buying your tickets. This will ensure you have the chance to become a lucky winner on Canada Day and celebrate in style.

More Fun Lottosend Features

Lottosend does not just involve purchasing tickets and leaving. Lottosend is happy to provide their members with a number of cool features so as to turn the whole experience into one that is more fun!

The following are some neat tools that you can have fun with:


You might have felt lost when attempting to play a lotto game online. This will not happen again, thanks to Lottosend’s useful dictionary for lotto game!


This tool is especially beneficial to newcomers. Skilled professionals in the industry normally use these charts also. This enables them to see how varied games compare with each other, using this feature that is simple to use.


The entire experience and atmosphere of Lottosend turns their site into one that is thrilling and fun for their members. Lottosend does this by providing bonuses, promotions and a wonderful time for everyone who comes to play.

Below are some prizes for promotion that you can anticipate when you become a club member:

Welcome Bonus

Lottosend gives new players a warm welcome aboard! The distributor of the ticket offers a 100% cash refund on the initial $30 which is used on their website.

You can therefore play two times as much, increasing your winning prospects of becoming a winner of a major lotto jackpot. Players are able to utilize this bonus on whichever online game of lotto is offered by Lottosend.

Canada Day

Multi-Draw Games

With multi-draw games, players have the chance to make more wins by playing more, devoid the need to submit more payment.

Actually, a discount of 20% is given to players on every multi-draw game they join.

Games List

Lottosend might not have the hugest choice of online lotto games; but it possesses each of the most thrilling options together with the hugest lotto jackpots all over the globe.

Players are able to have fun purchasing certified lottery tickets for the online lottery games below:

  • El Gordo
  • Powerball,
  • EuroJackpot
  • SuperLotto Plus
  • Mega Millions
  • Australia Powerball
  • SuperEnalotto
  • Australia Monday Lotto
  • Australia Wednesday Lotto
  • Australia Saturday Lotto
  • Oz-Lotto
  • Euromilions

Why Lottosend is Famous

Simple to Use

It is definitely simple to use Lottosend! The other day, Lottosend upgraded their website and services. The latest version looks fantastic! The User Interface is now even simpler to use and more pleasant compared to before.

Each game is listed clearly, together with countdown tickers as well as numerous options that can be chosen by a player for quicker selection.

Lottosend have maintained simplicity; instead of availing all lotteries, Lottosend have selected 12 of the most famous lotteries in the world and concentrated on this. Where Lottosend is concerned, quality surpasses quantity in importance.

LottoSend is Very Secure

Lottosend has 128-bit encryption to maintain security for all transactions. In addition, this dependable lotto agent does not sell, share or send private data to any third parties; therefore, when you use LottoSend to buy tickets, you have the guarantee that you are safe hands as LottoSend is among the most revered, certified lotto ticket sellers in the globe.

Promos for Lottosend

Lottosend offers attractive promotions that are very competitive, particularly for the industry. Their Welcome Bonus entails a 100% back up to $30. This offer is wonderful, simple and helpful for first time players.

This Welcome Bonus of $30 is unrestricted and it is possible to use it on any lotto online, which is absolutely awesome! Apart from this, Lottosend offers 20% discounts on multi-draw games and 30% off when one signs up for their subscription service. After this, you shall go on obtaining weekly offers!

Using Lottosend to make Payment for Lotto Tickets

Lottosend supports a huge number of payment techniques. These are inclusive of all the major ones such as MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club International, Visa and e-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill and more global choices like Qiwi, Monetaru, GE Money Bank, Bancontact, Garanti, UniCredit Tiriac Bank and Danske Bank and obviously, the original bank transfer.

All methods of payment are immediate, no service fees are charged and are available for Euros, pounds or dollars. It is truly a good solution for depositing, playing and withdrawing.

Canada DayConclusion

Without doubt, Lottosend offers extremely good service. Lottosend makes good on their promise to provide bonuses that are fun and profitable and to form the feeling of enjoyment and thrill in every part of the game!

For players who search for a quality experience, Lottosend will certainly not disappoint!

>>Sign Up Here Canada Day Lottosend Promotion

Discount of 15% on all the draws to be held on 1st July
Promotion Code is CANADA15

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