California Mother Wins $17 Million in Super Lotto Plus Draw

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$17 Million Jackpot Winner!

$17 Million Lottery Win In California SuperLotto PlusCalifornians are considered by many as ‘dreamers’, individuals and families from all over the country and all over the world come to this state to live the American dream at their best.

CA super lotto plus draw is one of the most famous in the country for this very reason.

According to data analysts, millions of people take part this lotto twice a week and one in every 50 individuals has a chance to win some sort of prize money in the game.

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While the odds of winning a jackpot is nearly one in 40 million, the cash prize is huge as well. California Super Lotto plus organizers have distributed hundreds of millions of dollars to jackpot prize winners in the past couple of decades. Although there are other popular lotteries in the United States like US Mega Millions or US Powerball, super lotto plus has its own significance as it offers the highest odds of winning the jackpot prize anywhere in the nation.

California SuperLotto Plus Results

The state of California considered by many to be the most resident-centric in the country. What this essentially means is that state governors have done a lot to enhance the life style of the local residents. Even when the California lottery act was introduced in 1984, law makers decided that organizers would be liable to spend nearly 20% of their income from lotteries on the public school system in California. The rest is distributed amongst the winners, government and the organizers themselves.

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Buy California SuperLotto Plus Tickets Online - Official Scanned Tickets

Buy California SuperLotto Plus Tickets Online – Official Scanned Tickets

Bakersfield Resident hits $17 Million Jackpot

For Teresa Serrano, moving to the United States was a dream come true after having a very tough childhood. She came to America when she was just 16 years old and lived with her father on a construction project he was working for. They did not have enough money to pay one month’s rent. As they started adjusting into the new lifestyle, Teresa quickly realized that the opportunities in America were abundant, provided they were willing to work hard. Both husband and wife took up new jobs and started to make their ends meet. While Teresa was working at a local fruit farm, her husband found a decent job at a warehouse in IKEA.

The Serrano family then moved to Bakersfield where they realized they could a family of their own. As children started growing up, Teressa could not understand how she would pay for their schooling and other expenses. One fine day, she asked her husband to buy five lottery tickets for her. As soon as she got the tickets in her hand, she prayed to God to relieve her of her worries.

California SuperLotto Plus Jackpot

Official Scanned USA SuperLotto Plus Tickets Online

Official Scanned USA SuperLotto Plus Tickets Online

After a few more tries, Teresa finally hit the jackpot and won a multi-million cash prize in California Super Lotto Plus draw. For the winner, this was the reward from her Lord and the first thing she decided to do was to buy a gravestone for her late father, who brought her to America in the first place. Next, she wants to visits here ancestors grave for wishes and finally wants to enhance the lifestyle of her own family. Somewhere in all these activities, she wants to buy a Lexus SUV and also a Louis Vuitton purse. Teresa was relieved that now she would be able to send her children for higher education and help them become one of the many ‘dreamers’ in California.

Things that you can do with your lottery win

One of the first things that you need to do after hitting a jackpot is not to publicize it too much. The more you tell, the more people will ask about your lottery win. You might start getting those unwanted calls and emails where long-lost friends tell you about their financial worry and how you can help them to resolve them. Here are a few quick tips on how to maximize on your lottery games:

Talk to a financial expert – Although it is not necessary that you take every person’s financial advice seriously, but talking to a wealth manager will help you explore your options on how you can invest your cash. A financial advisor can tell you about how different markets are behaving currently and which investment vehicle would be your best bet to invest.

Talk to a Real Estate agent – Buying residential or commercial property is one of the most effective ways to preserve your financial gains. Reach out to your favorite property agent and ask about decent areas in the state or anywhere in the country where you should buy a home or two. If you buy more than one houses, you can live in one and give the other one on rent. This helps you generate some amount of passive income on a regular basis even after your retirement.

Pay-off your loans – One of the last things you want after a lottery win is any outstanding dues that take some portion of your income every month. Hence, one of the first things that you should do with your newly found wealth is pay-off your outstanding bills and debts. If you took out a student loan for your children’s education, then this is the best time to pay them off. If you live in a mortgaged house, pay-off that mortgage and save as much as you can by cutting down on your monthly expenses.

Buy Gold – This precious metal has been considered as one of the best preservers of wealth by rich and poor since the beginning of time. Even today, people convert their gold bars into jewelry and pass it on to their future generations so that they can use it in tough times.

Take a Break – When you win a multi-million-dollar jackpot prize, you need some time off from your daily life to digest the feeling of becoming an overnight millionaire. Hence, you should take a vacation and enjoy a good time with your loved ones before coming back to your routine life.

CA Super Lotto Plus draw is one of the most popular lotteries around the world. Since stakes are pretty high in this game, it is better that you have some idea beforehand on how you will spend your winnings. This will help you preserve your newly found wealth for a long period of time.

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