California Fantasy 5 – The American 5/39 Game Played By Over 20,000 People Every Day

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Fantasy 5

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California fantasy 5 is one of the official lottery games of this US state (Calidornia).  In the United States, this lottery has its headquarters in Sacramento and each one of the games that are organized under the tutelage of this lottery include magnificent 5 classified as “fantasy” where in addition the accompany other drawings striking as the “mega millions” among others.

The Fantasy 5 is one of the best games that you can find in this state, since the odds of winning are enormous, as are hundreds of players fortunate that in the past have won the top prize in this category and the only thing you have to do to be the next winner of the lottery ticket in California Fantasy 5 is to complete the 5 leading digits of a group of 39 numbers.

The quantities with which these drawings range from $50.000 dollars up to $500.000 dollars depending on the times in which these maximum awards to other drawings as the SuperLoto Plus. The winning numbers that are held in California fantasy 5 are done every day it is for this reason that this game is one of the favorite among amateur players, since the chances of hitting the jackpot are much greater.

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The lottery tickets Fantasy 5 can be purchased at any of the more than 18.500 existing sales jobs across the state, including local shops, hawkers, lottery offices distributed throughout the city and now you can acquire through the different web sites available on the internet or you can choose to play the fantasy 5 dream machine transmitted in the most popular television program of California known to all as “the big spin” where the tele-participants can be awarded of more than $160.000 dollars.

How to play?

One of the simplest ways to play the fantasy 5 is by choosing 5 numbers ranging from 1 to 39 and the marks on the ballot of the lottery ticket. In case you still may not be able to position yourself with the instructions described in the ballot of the fantasy 5, all you have to do is enter the electronic ballot is available on the official website of the California fantasy 5 and let the machine select your winning numbers at random.

With fantasy 5 you can play from $1 dollar per move and you can make up to 5 attempts on each ballot. The good news is that you can play the numbers previously selected by you which will last for up to 12 drawings which are done once marked on the ballot box.

Once you select your numbers of good luck, you should submit your lottery ticket to the seller that you bought it, well, you have to make sure to review your selected numbers once you receive the ticket. The next step you have to do is sign the Lotto ticket at the rear and keep it in a safe place until the day you have to check the results of California fantasy 5. Do not forget that the winning numbers are drawn every day.

California fantasy 5 works with a system of categories and odds of winning the jackpot which are described in the following ways:

  1. Categories Matched: the 5 of 5 numbers with odds of 1 in 565.756 where the amount earned vary depending on the number of players winners.
  2. Categories Matched: 4 of 5 numbers with odds of 1 in 3.270 prizes ranging from $350 to $650.
  3. Categories Matched: 3 of 5 winning numbers with odds of 1 in 135 with prizes ranging from $3 thousand to 5 thousand dollars.
  4. Categories Matched: 2 of 5 winning numbers with odds of 1 in 10 with prizes ranging from $130.000 to $250.000 thousand.

With these data we are showing that the overall odds of winning with the California Lottery fantasy 5 is 1 in 9, it is for this reason that fantasy 5 is one of the most popular Lotto throughout the country, as it is the game that is more likely to win what makes it a bit more realistic.

The odds of winning are really surprising, it is clear that there are hundreds of thousands of people daily buy their lottery tickets which makes many times becomes a little daunting to think that maybe this time you touch to it. The most important thing is that each day accounts with the opportunity to be the lucky winner of any of the prizes that are raffled in fantasy 5 each week.

There are many ways to play this incredible and exciting game of chance, one of them is that you can play it online you will be able to enjoy more of the adrenaline of the game without having to leave home, many players love to play the fantasy 5 through their computers, because they feel more connected to everything that happens around the game and feel that they have more luck doing it this way.

So, if you want to be an active participant in California fantasy 5 and not lose detail of everything that happens, then the best way to do this is by going to the official California fantasy 5 where you will be able to follow step by step the rules of the game, you also have the option of making a test game where you can select the numbers of your preference and to know the results, this has been more than everything as a test so that you understand better how to play.

The lottery tickets represent for many people around the world a unique opportunity to earn money without having to work, and that is what motivates all fans to follow there, at the foot of the canyon trying their luck because you never know when the jackpot will touch the doors of your pockets and is that the truth a couple of hundreds of millions of dollars don’t fall ill to no one. It is clear that the against part of playing the lottery is that the expectations exceed the facts and it is discouraging to know that you did not win, but you play again because there might be a day when you do win.

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