Brazil Quina Lotto – The Loteria Quina Is Played By Over 3 Million People Every Week

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Quina Lotto Brazil - Lotto Results


Play Lotto Online

Play Lotto Online

The Loteria Brasil history and Brazil Lottery games go back to 1784 when raffle games of sweepstake style were initially carried out. The voting public resolved on 14 July 1961 to permit Lottery games to be held in Brazil and from 15 September 1962 when the first draw took place, these have been operated and managed by the Caixa Economica Federal Bank.

Two of the Caixa Loterias that are popularly played were presented in the 1990s, the Loteria Quina and Mega Sena and then the Dupla Sena in 2001. Each of them features a section of the most reliable and solid variety of South American lottery games.

The complete lotteries portfolio provided by Caixa Economica is inclusive of Lotofacil, Loteria Federal, Loteca, Lotogol, Timemania, Mega Sena, Instantanea, Dupla Sena, Caixa Loteria and Mega Sena da Virada.

The Loteria Quina is also included here and below is more information regarding this famous lotto.

Quina Lotto: Features of Loteria Quina

Loteria Quina was included into the range of games of Caixa Loterias in March 1994. At that period, the concept was to provide players of Brazilian Lottery with a game where they had the chance to select their individual lottery digits rather than playing in a lotto sweepstake that has pre-selected digits; raffle kind of lotto games that consist of almost all of the variety that Caixa Economica provided in those days.

The Quina Loteria went through a huge transformation on 5 October 2009 when Caixa raised the number of draws to 6 each week, from Monday to Saturday. This signified a huge rise in how many individuals play and has transformed Quina into one of the most famous Loterias da Caixa.

Each day, the Caixa Quina draw is held at 8:00 pm Brasilia time apart from Sundays.

Every year, on 24 June, unless the date falls on a Sunday, a special draw occurs. This is the Quina de Sao Joao (Quinta St. John) which has some awesome jackpot prizes that do not rise in size if no prizewinners for division 1 are available.

Quina lottery

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Quina Lottery: Playing Quina Loteria Brasil

The draw for Quina Loteria is carried out with a spinning, circular cage. Here, 80 balls are positioned, numbering from 1-80. Drawing of 5 winning numbers is done and your objective is to appropriately match a maximum number of these.

One 5/80 matrix is utilized for the Quina Loteria, which signifies that when you play, you should choose your 5 digits from a number range of 1-80. If you are able to match each of the 5 of the winning digits, you shall become a winner of the jackpot prize of Loteria Quina.

The Quina jackpot starts at R$ 500,000 and the amount shall roll over and increase every time there is no winner. No maximum limit exists on how huge the jackpot can increase and this leading prize increases in size fast because each week provides 6 draws.

A regular play on Loteria Quina has 5 numbers; however, you can also raise your winning prospects by playing 6 or 7 digits. This will cost a bit more but offer you better odds.

You can utilize a Quick Pick facility when you play Surpresinha, which is similar to the majority of US State Lottery games, or the Lucky Dip option which EuroMillions players utilize. Playing with Surpresinha signifies that your lottery store or online ticket agent shall utilize their computer to automatically select your lottery numbers on your behalf with the use of their random number generator.

You are able to play Quina Loteria with the use of similar digits for even 24 continuous draws. Simply utilize the option for Teimosinha and choose how many draws you want to take part in.

The price of playing Quina is R$ 1 for a regular 5 digit entry. If you want to play with 6 or 7 digits, this shall cost R$ 4 or R$ 10 respectively.

Quina Lottery: Who is eligible to play Quina Loteria Brasil?

Before, just Brazilian residents were permitted to take part in any lotto games in Brazil. You should be a Brazilian resident prior to you playing one of the Loterias da Caixa, such as the Quina Loteria and buy your ticket from an outlet for Caixa Loteria situated in Brazil.

Nowadays, there is no cause for worry since sales organizations for lawful and skilled online lotto ticket owners are easily accessible. There are a multitude of online lottery websites, who will permit you to purchase your tickets and go through the resultados Quina from literally any state on earth.

In case you are not a resident of Brazil, this is wonderful news as it signifies that you are able to comfortably play Quina Loteria from your house and purchase lottery tickets online effortlessly without any hassle.

The same as the majority of global lottery games, Caixa Economica requires you to be at least 18 years old prior to playing any of the Caixa Loterias such as Quina.

Play Lotteries Online

Play Lotteries Online

Quina Results – Resultado Quina

For 6 days each week, from Monday to Saturday, Caixa Economica holds the Quina Loteria draws at 8:00 pm Brasilia time.

Many varied methods exist for you to find out the newest Resultado Quina or Quina Results, to discover whether you are among the successful prizewinners.

Publication of the Resultado da Quina will be done in specific newspapers and broadcast on numerous radio stations all through Brazil as well as being displayed on Network TV all through the state.

Immediately after the draw is held you can find the results online. Once we start to sell tickets we will also show the latest Quina results so that when you are free you are ablt to check the Resultados da Quina as well as Resultado da Dupla Sena and Resultado da Mega Sena.

Winning odds of Quina Loteria Brasil

The 3 prize divisions will enable you to win on Loteria Quina from 6 draws each week and a lot of prizes exist and you can win each time you take part.

When you play the regular 5 digits, your winning odds for Quina Loteria jackpot when each of the 5 winning digits is matched are 1 in 24,040,016.

When 4 of the winning lotto digits are chosen on a 2nd division prize your odds are 1 in 64,106 while a prize for 3rd level for only selecting 3 of the winning digits have odds of 1 in 866.

Brazil Quina or USA / Europe Lotteries What’s Better?

Is it important to try out a lottery like this one? 

The Quina lottery is widely known as one of the most successful ones in Brazil. In fact, many lotteries went with their model. That alone provides you with the help and insight you need for this type of game. So yes if you live in Brazil or are in Brazil as a tourist or for work you should consider trying out this incredible lottery, as it really is an extraordinary lottery that everyone should try out. It’s well worth investing some money in it, especially since the winnings are OK too!

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