How to Play Mega Sena – The Lottery of Brazil

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All About Brazil Mega Sena

Mega Sena Ticket

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(Brazil) For people looking for a huge lottery, Brazil holds the Mega Sena twice per week. The Mega Sena is the biggest Brazilian lottery which is owned by the federal bank. You can play the Mega Sena two times a week on Wednesday and Saturday. You can watch the draw on your television to find out whether you have won big or check results online later. The numbers are drawn by taking 2 balls from 2 different cages. In the first cage there are balls from 0 up to 5. The second cage has balls from numbers 0 to 9. If a ‘00’ occurs this number is automatically changed to number 60. Both numbers drawn have to be different and the draw will continue until they are.

Mega Sena Prize Pool

46% of the money raised from ticket purchases is given back to winners. 35% of the income will be split equally to people that have matched 6 numbers and if there are no winners for all of the numbers the money is rolled over to the next draw. 19% of the income is given to people who have matched 5 numbers, 19% to people matching 4 numbers and 22% goes to a bigger draw which occurs every 5th draw. The final 5% goes into a pot for the Mega Da Virada which is drawn on New Year’s Eve.

The lottery income that does not go back to winners goes toward costs and what remains is donated to social programs over the Country. The New Year’s Eve draw the Mega da Virada always has a huge jackpot accumulated from the Mega Sena contributions throughout the year. The biggest draw so far was R$263,29 in 2014. If no winner can be found with 6 numbers the jackpot prize pool goes to those that have matched 5.

Brazil Mega Sena Lottery Draw, Rules, Jackpot and Prizes


Draw Days: Wednesday, Saturday
Draw Time: 8 pm Brazil

Jackpot (“Sena”)

Minimum Jackpot: Approx. $1,000,000
Record Jackpot: Approx. $47,000,000


1st prize tier named “Sena” share 35% of prize pool – odds are 1 in 50,063,860
2nd prize tier named “Quina” share 19% of prize pool – odds are  1 in 154,518
3rd prize tier named “Quadra” share 19% of prize pool – odds are 1 in 2,332


  • Pick six numbers ranging from 01 to 60
  • Match four numbers to win 3rd prize “Quadra”
  • Match five numbers to win 2nd prize “Quina”
  • Match all six numbers to hit the jackpot (1st prize tier) “Sena”

People wishing to play can choose anything from 6 to 15 numbers out of a possible 60. Adding more than 6 numbers per ticket will cost extra but will also increase the chances of winning a prize. You have the opportunity to increase prizes by also scoring points. The price of each ticket is dependent on how many groups of 6 can be drawn from the available numbers. Prices start at R$3.50 for those selecting 6 numbers up to R$17,517.50 if you want to bet 15 numbers. By placing the smallest bet on 6 numbers the odds of winning are 1: 50,063,860.

Mega Sena Ticket

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Income tax is applicable to those that win taking 13.8% from the winning amount. People playing must claim their winnings within 3 months (90 days) and can do so if they have won an amount under R$800 by going to any lottery house. Prizes bigger than this amount can only be claimed at the federal bank. If no one claims the winning ticket within this time the money is then taken back and donated to education programs.

Mega Sena Syndicates

To increase odds of winning some people join a ‘Bolão’ also known as a syndicate. This gives you the opportunity to place bigger bets which in the event of a win is shared out between the participants. The lowest amount you are able to put down for a Mega Sena syndicate bet is R$10,000 which would give you at the least R$4.00 per person if you were to win. You are able to have anything between 2 and 100 people partaking in your syndicate.

Mega Sena or International Lotteries Whats Better?

Is it important to try out a lottery like this one? 

The Mega Sena lottery is widely known as one of the most successful ones in Brazil. In fact, many lotteries went with their model. That alone provides you with the help and insight you need for this type of game. So yes if you live in Brazil or are in Brazil as a tourist or for work you should consider trying out this incredible lottery, as it really is an extraordinary lottery that everyone should try out. It’s well worth investing some money in it, especially since the winnings are ok too!

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