Brazil Dupla Sena – Brazilian Tuesday and Friday Weekly Lotto Draw!

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Dupla Sena

Caixa Company, which is well established, presents the Brazil Dupla Sena lottery to you. This establishment is actually a bank. They offer other kinds of lotteries as well. However, the Dupla Sena is the most exceptional one.

Initially, it may be unclear for any amateur lottery players, but after you get used to it, you shall just adore it. Following the huge Mega-Sena and Caixa Quina Lottery success, they resolved to present something different to the market.

The Quina Lottery presents 6 draws each week and they needed to use a varied method to make the latest lottery attractive and unique. This led to the inception of the Dupla Sena Lottery.

As they provided a lottery draw each week for 6 days, Caixa decided instead to provide a draw every day so as to offer two draws. This dual draw occurs at the same time, consecutively. So, this raises the winning odds of players to win a prize.

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Rules and Data for Dupla Sena Lottery

The two draws occur on Tuesday and Friday. You simply need to select 6 digits from the 1-50 range. It does not matter whether you choose the quick pick option or personally select the numbers. You still qualify for the two draws that occur on the same day.

This is the dream of every lotto player; you obtain a redraw using the same ticket. Any grown up individual from anywhere in the globe can join the Dupla Sena Lottery so long as it does not break any domestic rule.

Caixa mostly focuses on paying out the prize; it is not concerned about whether the winner is a Brazilian citizen or is from a different country. Depending on how much the winnings are, two varied taxes can be applicable to you.

In case the amount is equivalent to R$1868/$568 or less, your winnings are excluded from tax. Above this, all winnings are subject to a tax rate of 27%. Remember that the two categories should still be taxed a 13.8% federal tax. It can lower the amount of the winnings by a huge margin; however, a winning ticket is still much better compared to a losing one.

Huge Dupla Sena Lottery Wins

A jackpot payout that is memorable with the Dupla Sena is R$11 million. This was claimed in 2010 and from then, it has not gone above this amount. This is because many times, players guess the 6 winning digits. The double draw definitely presents benefits and this is the reason lottery players adore it.

Incomes and Roles of the Dupla Sena

It is common for lotteries to finance benevolent ventures and state organizations. Dupla Sena, together with other lotteries offered by the Caixa Organization provide a huge amount of their money to organizations and projects of this kind.

Nearly 33% of all proceeds are accredited to this type of purposes. 40% are collected for Caixa maintenance. The rest is committed to the prize budget.

Even though the percentage committed for prizes might seem low, after you think of how famous this lottery is and the number of players it has, in the end it presents a lottery that offers a very generous amount.

Caxia intends to present itself to players as a highly reputable organization that adheres to global standards. They took a further step and all unclaimed prizes above the 90-day duration are moved to the Fund for Student Financing of Higher Education.

Winning Odds of Dupla Sena

There are 3 prize categories in Brazil Dupla Sena. So as to win the Dupla-Sena jackpot, the lottery player should match 6 digits. The prospects of a person being a winner of Brazil’s Dupla Sena Lottery jackpot are 1 in 15,89 million.

For 2nd prize tier prizes, the possibility is 1-60,192. For prizes of 3rd tier, the prospects of being a winner of Dupla Sena are 1 in 1,120 accordingly.

Breakdown of Dupla Sena Prize

Two distinct prize breakdowns exist as in every Dupla Sena draw two sets of digits are drawn. The prizes in every class are parimutuel. This signifies that winners in every prize tier share a prize fund percentage. The prize fund consists of 45% of the overall ticket sales.


Lottery games started in Brazil in 1961 and are managed by the Caixa Economica Federal bank. However, the history of Dupla Sena just started on 6th November 2010. The game was formed to improve the success of Brazilian lottery games. The hugest jackpot to be claimed in this game was won in 2010 for €4,356,507.

Playing Dupla Sena

The Dupla Sena is very unique because it offers players two opportunities to win in each draw. When buying your ticket, you choose a minimum of 6 varied digits from 1-50. After commencement of the draw, two varied sets of 6 digits are drawn.

These sets of digits can be utilized to win prizes. Match 4, 5 or 6 digits from a single set or the other so as to win cash prizes. This play system makes the odds of the Dupla Sena among the best in the globe for any jackpot for lottery.

Matching each of the 6 digits facilitates the winning of a Dupla Sena Jackpot. In a draw where a jackpot is not won, the value of its prize is included in the following Dupla Sena jackpot. In order to play Brazilian Dupla Sena online, players need to be 18 years old.


As two sets of digits are drawn in very draw for Dupla Sena, two different prize breakdowns exist. In every prize category, prizes are at all times pari-mutuel. This means that winners in every prize category split a prize fund percentage provided to that category.

The prize fund consists of 45% of the overall quantity of cash taken in the sale of tickets. Two breakdowns exist for the Dupla Sena prize and this is determined by the two sets of digits provided in every Dupla Sena draw.

There are two Dupla Sena prize breakdowns in accordance with the two sets of numbers given in each Dupla Sena draw.

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