Bodoland Lottery – A Little Extra Cash Does Not Sound Bad

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Bodoland Lottery

All About the Bodoland Lottery

The craze for lotteries is increasing all around the world today. Even the countries with great economies now have a bunch of lotteries that run throughout the year. And that’s not enough. Many lotteries in the UK are only a few years old. What that means is that they were started by the government after taking into account the increasing popularity of lotteries. Take the example of EuroJackpot, which happens to be one of the biggest lotteries in Europe. This lottery was started only six years back after seeing the increasing popularity of other lotteries that were existent at that time.

People in India love to play lotteries as well. These lotteries might not be as big as Powerball or MegaMillions, but they can definitely put a huge pile of cash in your hands to make some of your dreams come true. Among the many famous lotteries that run in India you have Bodoland lottery. It is one of the most frequently occurring lotteries in India and makes people rich every day of the week. Let’s get to know about Bodoland lottery in detail, but before that, let’s understand what lotteries are all about if you are new to them.

Introduction to Lotteries

Lotteries or jackpots as they like to call them in other countries are exciting games that are based on your luck. The basic principles of all the lotteries are the same. You have to buy lottery tickets on which you either have the numbers pre-printed or you can select the numbers yourself. You then have to wait for the day when the draw takes place. On the day of the draw, the company that operates the lottery picks numbers randomly. In most cases, they pick balls with numbers on them from drums. However, this mechanism can be different in different countries and for different lotteries as well. The basic idea is to pick the numbers as randomly as possible.

If the numbers you have on your ticket match the numbers that have been pulled in the draw, you have won the lottery. You win the first prize when you match all the numbers. However, there are second, third, fourth, etc. categories of prizes as well. Different lotteries can have different numbers of prize winning categories. These categories are also called “ways of winning” the lottery. So, you can win the first prize by matching all the numbers whereas the second prize is for matching one number less. Sometimes, there can be bonus numbers as well. If you match those bonus numbers along with your second prize numbers, you can boost your winnings.

The results from the draws usually appeared in the newspapers and TVs in the past. However, the best place to look for results today is the internet. To claim your prize, you either have to fill an online form or go to the headquarters of the lottery company. You have to have your legit ticket with you to claim the prize. There is only a limited time within which you can claim the prize.

Introduction to Bodoland Lottery

Bodoland lottery is similar to other lotteries in the world. Just like other lotteries, you have to buy the tickets and note the numbers that are on the ticket. You must keep the ticket safe with you to claim the prize if you end up winning something. The numbers are drawn each day at a draw. The results of the draw can be found in the local newspapers. In some cases, you can watch the draw live on TV. In addition to that, you have internet to give you all the information about the draw. On the internet, you can find current, past, and live results. You can even see the recorded version of the draw if you missed the live one.

If you are someone from outside Bodoland looking for lottery information in this region, you have to know that Bodoland is a small region within Assam. It has its own lottery with a huge number of people living in the region participating in the lottery every day. Here, you should have the peace of mind that Assam is one of the handful of Indian states where lottery is legal and is played regularly throughout the state. In fact, Assam lotteries are some of the best lotteries in the country.

Some Characteristics of Bodoland Lottery

Here are some of the main characteristics of Bodoland lottery for you to know before you buy your first ticket.

The Prize Winning Categories

You will be happy to know that there are six different ways for you to win something out of the Bodoland lottery. In simple words, there are six different prize winning categories. The number of winners is larger in the later categories than it is in the first and second winning category. To win the first prize, you have to match all the six numbers on the lottery ticket with the drawn numbers. The smallest prize you can win from this lottery is Rs. 50. The prize winning category with the smallest payout is the sixth one, which is also the last one. When you look at the results, you can see that there are always 100 winners in this category.

The Different Types of Series

This is something that makes Bodoland lottery quite different from other lotteries in the world. When you look at the major lotteries of the world, there is only one list of prize winning categories. On the other hand, you have several different types of series in Bodoland Lottery. Each series has its winners i.e. the winners in one series is different than the winners in the other series. Some of the series are as follows: Kuil, Singam, Deer, Rosa, Nallaneram, Thangam, Vishnu, Kumaran, etc. When you look at the results, you will see different numbers in each prize winning category under every series.

The Frequency of Draws

The frequency of draws is something that attracts the experienced lottery players towards a lottery. Some lotteries have huge payouts but their frequency of announcing the winners is not that attractive. The lottery draw might take place only once a week. Moreover, if the lottery has the rollover feature i.e. the jackpot rolls over to the next draw when nobody wins, you might have to wait for several weeks before the winners are announced. On the other hand, the case is completely the opposite with Bodoland lottery. Draws take place every single day and appear on the website as soon as the draw is over. The good thing about the frequency of draws is that you have higher chances of winning quickly.

Size of the Payouts

When you look at the Bodoland lottery results, the first thing you will notice is that the payouts are not as huge as you would expect from lotteries. Yes, the payouts are not huge and definitely cannot make you a millionaire, but there are other things to look at. The most important thing is the frequency of the draws and number of winners announced. Every single day, there are more than hundred people who win something from this lottery. With so many winners with unique ticket numbers, you have a higher chance of winning something from Bodoland lottery than you have with any other lottery in the world.

If you are able to win the first prize of any series, you will win a prize of Rs. 50,000. The second prize is Rs. 7,000 only. Winners in the third prize winning category go home with Rs. 3,500. People who have been participating in international lotteries might find these payouts small. However, what they have to understand is that the lottery jackpot size depends on the number of people participating in the lottery i.e. ticket sales. Bodoland is only a small part of Assam, so it can only have so many people.

Checking Bodoland Lottery Results

So, if you live in the region whose citizens qualify to participate in Bodoland lottery, purchasing the ticket is as easy as going to the retailer near your home, paying for the ticket, and getting it. However, once you have bought the ticket, you are constantly worried about the results. Your heart is always pounding because it can come as a huge surprise to win thousands of dollars from a lottery. So, when you want to check the results of the Bodoland lottery, here is what you can do.

Go on the Official Website

Go on the official website where you can see the latest results of the lottery. Right on the home page, you will find the tabs for today’s results, live results, and past results. In short, you have access to all the results right from one website. when you click on the results, you have the option to download the file on your device. It can either be a PD, DBF or Zip file depending on which one you are most comfortable with. Once you have downloaded the results, you can click on the file, open it, and see the numbers and the payouts against each winning number.

In the last prize category, there are 100 numbers. Therefore, you want to be careful while checking your number in that list. You can also pull out results from the past if you missed checking them at some point. All you have to do is select the date from the available online calendar to see the results of your desired draw.

Go on Third Party Websites

It is due to the popularity of lotteries these days that you can find many other websites giving you the results. In most cases, you will notice that these websites are designed after the official lottery websites. This is to ensure that you get a smooth transitioning experience if you move from the official Bodoland lottery results website to some third party website. However, you have to make sure that you use these websites only to check the results of the lottery. If someone tries to convince or push you to buy tickets on their website, just leave the website as soon as you can.

Download the Smartphone Application

The best way to check the results of the lotteries today is to download the smartphone application that gives you access to the results instantly after the draw takes place. The best thing about a mobile application is that you can check the results whenever you want. If you are attending a function during the time of the lottery, you don’t have to wait to come home to check the results on your computer. With a smartphone application, checking the results is a breeze.

You will love the mobile application because the developers pay special attention to keeping it smooth and intuitive. Putting all the results on one page can be overwhelming and make the process of matching your numbers difficult. This is why the mobile application puts the results in their own series. As mentioned above, you have Kuil, Vishnu, Singam, etc. series in Bodoland lottery. Choose the series, check the numbers, and claim your winnings if you have matched the numbers exactly.

One of the advantages of using smartphone application is the instantaneousness of the results. The results are updated on the lottery application as soon as the draw takes place. What you have to keep in mind is that this application is not from the government no matter how fast it is. A developer team has created this application for your convenience, so you are advised to not take it as government’s official lottery results application.

Why Use Smartphone Application to See Bodoland Lottery Results

If you are wondering why you should download an application to check the results when you can do so on the website, here are some reasons.

Easy to Locate Results

With a smartphone application, it is much easier to locate the results than it is on the website. When you go on the website, you have to download the file with all the results on it. You will require a lot of scrolling and searching through the numbers to get to your number. On the other hand, each series is separated on the smartphone application. You just choose the series and look at the results of that series only. This makes searching for the right results easier than ever.

Results Uploaded Quickly

The application, called the Bodoland Lottery Result, is not from the state government. However, it is amazing how this application gets the results before any other platform. Within a few minutes after the draw has taken place, you can see the results of the lottery on your application.

Light on Your Internet

Not everyone in India has an unlimited internet connection. Not to mention, these connections are quite expensive per se. So, people who are still use 2G and 3G technology on their phones to access the internet can have a lot of problem in checking the results on the website. In addition to that, they will end up spending more internet bytes using the website than they would using the mobile application. When you open the website, it is the website itself that consumes your internet resources, You then have to go to the page where you can find the results. So, the more web pages you load the more internet data you spend.

What makes things worse is that you have to download the results in the PDF file format. In the end, you are spending a lot of internet data only to check the result of the lottery. On the other hand, a mobile application is very light on your resources. You can open the application and simply look at the results within the series that are available. It is as simple as that. You can save your internet for playing games or doing something more important.

Three Big Reasons to Play Bodoland Lottery

It Is Safe to Play

India is not like the US or UK in terms of lotteries. The lottery laws in the country are not as clear as people would want. A lot of people are always confused whether or not they should buy lottery tickets. What you have to know here is that the law is ambiguous on lotteries in the country. The central government has bestowed these rights to the state government. So, it is the state governments that decide whether to run lotteries or not. Some states choose to allow the lotteries for the benefit of their people and Assam is one of those states. On the other hand, some states have completely banned the lotteries.

When playing a lottery from one of the states that have banned it, you are putting yourself in a lot of risk. On the other hand, it is completely safe to play lotteries when you are in Bodoland. There is nothing more pleasing than the idea of winning thousands of rupees without worrying about legalities.

Its Draws Are Frequent

If patience is not the best trait in your personality, you might not be able to play any lotteries that have their draws only once a week. In fact, two lotteries in a week might not satisfy you either. The best lottery for you is that takes place every day of the week. Bodoland lottery is operated throughout the Bodoland region every day of the week. Since there are seven draws taking place every week, you have higher chances of winning the lottery. With this lottery, you can always count on the next draw if you don’t today. Not a lot of lotteries out there give you this peace of mind. What you will also like is that fact that the results are available on the internet as soon as the draws take place. There is no unnecessary patience for you to observe when you are participating in Bodoland lottery.

It Allows You to Win in Many Ways

One of the things you have to look in a lottery when you are about to participate is the number of ways you can win something from it. You don’t necessarily have to hit the jackpot to be happy. You can win thousands of rupees by winning the second and third prize as well. There is even a sixth prize winning category, creating more chances for you to play. What’s even better is that there are multiple winners in categories other than first and second. In the sixth category, there are 100 winners. Experts in the lottery industry always advise that you should look at the frequency of winning and the number of ways you can win in addition to the size of the jackpot before you participate in a lottery.

Its Results Are Easily Available

If there is a shady lottery i.e. fraudulent lottery, these people will try to send you the results in an email. They will then ask you to deposit some money to receive your prize money. That’s how you identify the scams. No lottery in the world will ever require any money from you to give you the prize that you have already won. The only time you spend your money on the lottery is when you purchase the ticket. Bodoland lottery is safe, legal, and official lottery of the region. Its results are easily available on the internet. As stated earlier, you can use the Bodoland Lottery website, third party websites, and smartphone applications to see the results of the lottery.

Final Words

You have to keep in mind that Bodoland lottery is not famous for the size of its jackpot. However, people love it for the little odds that give you a big chance of winning something in the lottery. Your chances of winning also depend on the number of tickets you purchase. However, on the day you are feeling lucky, you don’t have to purchase more tickets. Even the first ticket you purchase can be the winning ticket when you are feeling lucky and thinking positively about your lottery win.

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