Biggest SuperEnalotto Lottery Jackpot Record

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Superenalotto Jackpot

Italy’s SuperEnalotto lottery game is home to some of Europe’s largest uncapped lotto jackpots. Drawings are held three times per week with six prize divisions. The SuperEnalotto also holds the record for one of the longest rollovers in lottery history, which spanned over eight months. 3 draws a week means that this lotto rolled over, almost 100 times in a row – incredible!


To date, the largest SuperEnalotto lottery jackpot record took place in October 2010 with a jackpot worth $177.8 million. Here are the details surrounding this record breaking SuperEnalotto jackpot.


Super Syndicate Breaks SuperEnalotto Jackpot Record

The drawing for October 30th, 2010 occurred after months of rollovers. The total jackpot amount was worth 177,729,043 euros, which translates to about $247 million in US dollars. So, who broke the SuperEnalotto jackpot record?

Turns out it was a group of 70 Italian syndicate players who wished to remain anonymous. Divided evenly, this was equated to roughly $3.5 million for each player – not bad at all for a day’s work. This jackpot broke the previous SuperEnalotto jackpot record 147 million euros won in August 2009.


Over 150,000 other lucky lotto players won smaller divisional prizes, ranging in value from $20 to $23,000. The odds of hitting the jackpot are about 1 in 622 million.


The syndicate’s lucky ticket numbers were: 4, 26, 40, 54, 55, 67, with a bonus Jolly number of 41 and a Superstar number of 78. This was the 130th SuperEnalotto draw.


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