Belgium Pick 3 Lotto – A Small and Affordable Game for Everyone

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Draws for the Pick 3 Belgium are conducted every day, except Sunday and public holidays and the draw is held in a credible and transparent manner and is broadcasted on television. With Lottosend you can play lotteries online from Belgium!

Belgium Online Lottery - Play Now

Belgium Online Lottery – Play Now

Belgium Pick 3

There comes a time when even the most intense lottery players get tired of playing the same big games over and over again where they have to choose a certain set of numbers in the hope of winning millions. They might be looking for a change of scene or someone who is new to the lottery world may want to get started with small and simple lottery games. You can find a very nice and unique diversion in the form of Belgium Pick 3. One thing you will immediately notice about this game is that it doesn’t offer you a massive jackpot. However, an appealing feature of the Belgium Pick 3 is that you can play it every single day of the week, other than Sunday.

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To add to it, the odds you will come across in Belgium Pick 3 are quite awesome when it comes to winning a prize. If you are interested in this particular game, you will definitely want to know that it follows quite a popular format, which you can find in a number of other countries as well. This means that Belgium Pick 3 is certainly not one of a kind because it bears a very close resemblance to Ontario Lottery Pick 3, Israel Lottery’s 123 and Greece’s Super 3. Moreover, a variety of state lotteries in the United States also follow the same format.

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Belgium Pick 3 Draw Days

The Pick 3 version that’s followed by Belgium has a draw held every single night and Sunday is the only exception. The cost per play in this game is only 1 euro, which makes the game desirable as well as affordable for every player. If there are any concerns about the legitimacy of Belgium Pick 3, there is no need to worry. Belgium Pick 3 should definitely be on the list of any lottery player who wants to get their hands on some cash along with an opportunity to win something every single day of the week.

It is a 100 percent legitimate game because Belgium Pick 3 is a state lottery, which is guided by strict principles and rules. The game is one of the various entries that are part of the portfolio of the Loterie Nationale in Belgium. This is the country’s state-owned lottery organization and its history can be traced back to decades when it was referred to as the Colonial Lottery. A restructuring of the organization was conducted back in 1962 and that’s when it underwent the name change and became Loterie Nationale.

Belgium Loterie Nationale

Some of the most prominent games that make up the portfolio of Loterie Nationale include Keno, Joker and Lotto. The organization also holds the responsibility of operating the EuroMillions in Belgium. It is also committed to supporting a number of charitable causes and it also aims to provide lottery players with some very innovative opportunities. A national online platform was launched by Loterie Nationale in 2010 for allowing the effortless and easy purchase of tickets. Through this platform, it is possible for the players to buy tickets for almost all of the games part of the Loterie Nationale portfolio, including Belgium Pick 3.

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Belgium Pick 3 Rules and Game-play

Moving onto the procedure of Belgium Pick 3, the daily game requires players to choose three numbers from a pool of 0 to 9. In this particular lottery game, the numbers that are drawn are of the utmost importance, but the order in which they are drawn is also very significant. One crucial thing that players should note about Belgium Pick 3 is that the draws are not held on public holidays either. Other than Sundays and these holidays, players are able to enjoy the fulfillment and joy of daily participation and also get the potential of taking home a big prize.

Playing Belgium Pick 3 can actually be very easy for the players, as compared to other lottery games. You can use two main platforms for participating in this game, which are at a point of sale and online, respectively. If you decide to play through a point of sale, you will have to look for an authorized Loterie Nationale retailer near you in order to buy the tickets. When you go there, you will be provided with a pay slip where you have to select three numbers between the range of 0 and 9. The numbers you choose, depending on their order, will be between 000 and 999.

It is up to the players how to choose to play Belgium Pick 3 i.e. either in disorder or order with the first two or the last two numbers. There are five grids in every Belgium Pick 3 bulletin and every grid has numbers from 0 to 9. This means that you have the option of playing all of the five grids and this will increase your chances of winning. As mentioned above, the cost of a single play is one euro and if you decide to select three numbers for each of the grids provided in the bulletin; this means that you are participating in five plays and the cost you have to pay will be 5 euros.

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More Belgium Pick 3 Features

Another appealing feature of Belgium Pick 3 is that the game also provides you the opportunity of participating in several draws in advance. If you want to enter in multiple draws for the Belgium Pick 3, you can mark the number on the pay slip and you can enter yourself in a total of 24 consecutive draws in advance. After you have filled out the pay slip, you will hand it over to the clerk at the point of the sale terminal and pay the amount according to the number of plays and get the ticket. This ticket will boast the date of the draws you have entered and the number of combinations you have chosen.

As mentioned earlier, the draws for the Belgium Pick 3 are conducted every day, except Sunday and public holidays. The draw is held in a credible and transparent manner and is broadcasted on television. In the draw, three numbers will be picked from the drum and these will be regarded as the winning numbers. In case someone is unable to watch the live broadcasting of the results, you can still check them on the official site of the Belgium Pick 3 where the results are published at 20:30 p.m.

Belgium Pick 3 Prizes

Some might see it as a downside that the prizes in the Belgium Pick 3 are fixed. As there is no huge jackpot associated with this game, there are no rollovers either. The top prize that a player can win is 500 euros. This might not seem like much, but considering the cost of the play, it is a 500 times return on the money invested. In order to take home the top prize in the Belgium Pick 3, players have to guess not just the numbers, but their order as well. The odds of anyone accomplishing this are 1 in 1,000, which is another impressive characteristic of the lottery as these odds are quite favorable.

There are very few games out there that can provide such spectacular odds of winning the highest prize. Players who are able to guess the correct numbers, but not the order and go with the double option, will be able to take home a prize of 160 euros. The prize for getting all the numbers right and not the order will get players a prize of 80 euros. Apart from these, there are two more opportunities that players can get for winning a prize in Belgium Pick 3.

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If a player is able to guess the first two numbers, they will win a prize worth 50 euros. The same is applicable to players who are able to guess the last two numbers in the respective drawing. Again, the order of the numbers is of the utmost importance when it comes to winning the fourth and fifth tier prizes in Belgium Pick 3. As a lot of players decide to claim their prizes when they have accumulated a substantial sum, there are some rules they should be aware of:

Prizes of up to 1,000 Euros

If your prize is less than 1,000 euros, you can get a cash prize by simply visiting the nearest point of sale terminal. As per the National Lottery rules and regulations, the operator has to pay out the winnings of the Belgium Pick 3 in the form of cash. If they do not have the sufficient amount, they can ask the player to come back for collecting it.

Prizes from 1,001 Euros to 2,000 Euros

There are three options available for this particular category. The first option that players can explore is to collect the winnings from the point of sale terminal. If the point of sale terminal is unable to make the prize payment in cash, you can visit any regional office of the National Lottery or even their headquarters for this purpose. You will have to have your ID, account number and ticket for claiming your prize.

Prizes from 2,001 Euros to 25,000 Euros

For prizes that fall in this particular category, players have the option of either collecting their winnings from one of the regional offices or directly from the headquarters of the National Lottery. In both options, the offices operate from Monday to Friday and open from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. There is no need for players to make an appointment for visiting and collecting their prize. However, it is essential to have your ID card, game ticket and also your account number.

Prizes over 25,000 Euros

Winners that fall in this particular category are regarded as big winners and the only way for them to get their prizes is by directly going to the headquarters of the National Lottery, which is located in Brussels. In this case, winners are requested to make an appointment with the team that’s responsible for accompanying the big winners before they go to the headquarters. Also, the players have to take their ID card, game tickets and account number along.

Playing Belgium Pick 3 Online

In today’s age of technology, it is definitely possible for lottery players to be able to play Belgium Pick 3 online with a lot of ease. In case they go for this option, their winnings will be automatically credited to their online account after every draw. It is up to the players to choose to obtain their winnings either in the form of cash or by using the winnings as credit for buying a lot more tickets in future games. It is up to the players and they can decide to participate in additional draws in order to jack up the amount of their prize. Another advantage of participating in the Belgium Pick 3 is that players will get the exact amount that is being advertised in the game. This means that Belgium lottery is one of those European country lotteries that don’t impose a tax on lottery prizes.

While the official online platform introduced by Loterie Nationale can only be used by residents of Belgium for participating in Pick 3 or other games in its portfolio, there are lottery services that can be used for playing this game. Sure, a lot of people might not consider it worthwhile to play Pick 3 because it doesn’t offer the massive jackpots you hear about in big lotteries. However, the fact is that Belgium Pick 3 has excellent odds of winning and if you pay regularly, you can gradually jack up your prize to a substantial amount.

Plus, there is a good chance that you will be able to get a solid return on your investment with Belgium Pick 3, something that cannot be said for the big lottery games because their odds are really competitive. The price of the ticket also adds to the overall appeal of Belgium Pick 3 and the game is relatively simple. Drawings are conducted every day and there are additional prize tiers that make Belgium Pick 3 a complete package for any lottery player.

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