Belgium Lotto 6/45: All You Need To Know About the Belgium Lottery Game

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Belgium is a large and beautiful country with made up of many people that make their income from lotto. Apart from prominent movie, it gave us the Belgium Lotto. From the date of establishment till present date, this lottery game has remained very popular and remains the country’s leading lottery game.

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One of the top lotto and betting games played in Belgium is the Belgium Lotto. It was first tried back in February 4, 1978 when it began with 6/42 matrix. The format of the game was eventually moved to a 6/45 matrix which has remained till date. At the inception of the lottery, draws were held once each week. In 1993, a second draw was introduced which is still functional till date. The days for the draws are Wednesday and Friday.

How to play this Belgium lotto

There is a great chance offered to you test your luck which is given by simple rules (the Belgium lotto). This game is not complicated and it is very simple. To play this game, some instructions are to be followed and this includes choosing 6 numbers out of 45 formats. The cost of every ticket bought locally cost one euro. With this, if you all the 6 numbers from the draw correct, you winner the jackpot and this shows you’ve been lucky as the smallest guaranteed jackpot to win is 1,000,000 Euro.

Playing the Belgian Lotto online?

Through the official website and lottery app, Belgium lotto tickets can be purchased online using your mobile smartphone or your computer. There are many online lottery service agents to choose from. Playing online is especially useful for international players who wish to play this lottery. The portfolio of these different websites permits you to carry out and test your luck.

Winning and prizes

Odds of the first-tier prize also known as the jackpot stands at 1 in 8,1 million. As mentioned above, this lotto has a starting 1st prize of at least 1 million Euros before roll-overs. Like with other lotteries, the total amount of the jackpot is rolled over to the next draw should no one win the jackpot. Belgium lotto features not only the jackpot but has also many smaller prizes to win. Every single time, a bonus number is drawn and the smaller prizes are determined by this bonus number. To the players that have the bonus number and five correct numbers, the second prize is given to them. The odds are 1 in 1,357,510 and 1 in 35,724 is the odd of having 5 correct numbers. Other than the jackpot, the prize varies from drawing to drawing. The number of each ticket purchased is determined by the size of each prize tier and this is a fraction of the general prize pool. To the individuals having winning numbers, the whole amount is divided between them.

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Winner’s information

After winning, winners have to claim their prize within 140 days after the drawing date. This money later goes to some of the charitable causes that are supported by the Loterie Nationale if winners fail to with draw their prize within the given time frame. From any authorized retail venue in Belgium, smaller prizes can be claimed and lottery offices will provide prizes of larger amounts. All the prizes here are paid out in method of a cash lump sum.

On most important part of this game is that, lottery prizes are not taxed in Belgium. You will need to verify if local taxes apply to the money you did win by paying Belgium lotto if you are in a different country.

Belgium Lotto Not a Scam

This lotto is organized by a national entity and it runs under set up laws thus, the Belgium lotto is no scam. In addition to this, there are several years of it history. With this, when buying a Belgium lotto tickets, you do not have to worry about anything. In Belgium, the largest organizer of lotteries is the Loterie Nationale and its history dates back to 1934.  In the beginning, it was kept in place as the colonial lottery and its purpose was to raise money to treat health problems that arose in Belgian Congo. Later in 1962, the name of this establishment changed to the Loterie Nationale and the goals expanded.

Loterie Nationale today has a large number of games in its collection. Some of them include pick 3, keno, joker and Joker Plus. The Euro millions organized in the country is also done by the Loterie Nationale. There is a platform created just for the purchase of tickets for all of the Loterie Nationale and it is done only. This was introduced since January 2010. There is no problem stemming from choosing the game or risk of financial losses since the Belgium lotto is legitimate. The loterie Nationale does not only give you chances of winning much money but also creates funds for charity.

Bottom line

Belgium Lotto is renowned for the affordability of its tickets and its minimum guaranteed jackpot. There so many reasons why you should consider playing the Belgian lottery:

  • The Belgium lotto is not only legitimate but is Belgium’s leading national lottery game.
  • No matter the amount of money won, the Belgium lotto is tax-free

This lottery game is a great opportunity and brings along awesome prices along with medium size jackpots. Compared to other lotto games; the overall chances of hitting the jackpot or a smaller prize in this lottery are better. Also, the online reviews and approval of this game is another reason why you should give this lottery a try.

Highest Pay-outs

The Belgian Lotto has had some very remarkable jackpot over the years. In the history of the Belgium lotto, the biggest jackpot ever won was in January 2014 when a simple winning ticket won a sum 11.18 Million Euros. The second largest jackpot of all time in the history of the Belgian Lotto was won in January 2011, when the sum of 8.47 million euro was won by six winning tickets.

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