Belgium Joker + Can Bring You Happiness!

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Capital of cool: Brussels' Grand Place

Capital of cool: Brussels’ Grand Place

Belgium Joker +

Are you one of those people who believe in horoscopes, fate and the power of numerology? If this is the case, Belgium provides you with the perfect opportunity of testing your beliefs and faith. This opportunity is known as the Joker+, a game which is often associated with happiness. This is due to the fact that with each passing day, Joker+ gives you the opportunity of earning at least a sum of 200,000 euros. As compared to all the other games available, Belgium Joker+ is the one that gives people a greater chance of winning and achieving happiness. There was a time when the Joker+ was only a complimentary game that could be played with Euro Millions or the Belgium Lotto.

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However, it is now possible for players to play it as a stand-alone game as well. The more they try, the higher their chances of winning with the Joker+ as the game has daily drawings. As a matter of fact, players can also participate in this game on Sundays as well as national holidays. If you want to play it with Euro Millions or the Belgium Lotto, the draw will be conducted four times in a week on Friday and Tuesday with the former and Wednesday and Saturday with the latter.

An interesting characteristic that makes this game rather different from the rest of the standard lotteries out there is the fact that the order of number selection can be very important. Hence, winning the big prize in the Joker+ can be a bit challenging because it requires players to get all the numbers correct. The problem is that the different format of the game often prompts people to wonder if the Joker+ is simply a scam to get more money out of them. Yes, the format is a bit unique, but that doesn’t mean that the Belgium Joker+ is not a legitimate game.

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In fact, it should be noted that the Belgium Joker+ is just one of the games that belongs to the portfolio of the Loterie Nationale, which is the official organization in Belgium that has the responsibility of operating and running lottery games in the country. It was in the year 1934 that the Loterie Nationale was set up and the purpose of the organization had been to generate enough funds for offering treatment of the disease in Belgium Congo. Quickly, the Loterie Nationale expanded and so did its purpose. Today, some of the funds that are generated through ticket sales are allocated to a large number of charities.

Other than the Joker+, there are a ton of other games that are part of the Loterie Nationale’s portfolio. Some of the most prominent and popular games include Lotto, Euro Millions, Lotto Plus, Keno and Pick 3. Every single game that’s organized by this national entity, including the Joker+, is a legitimate opportunity for people to win a prize. There is no reason for the participants to worry about incurring any potential losses. Loterie Nationale supervises and monitors the entire lottery process, thereby ensuring it is fair and transparent.

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When it comes to playing the Joker+, it is rather simple. In order to get the opportunity of winning the grand prize, players are required to choose six numbers between the range of 0 and 9 as well as 1 of the star signs from the 12 total possibilities. In order to win a prize, it is essential for players to make sure their digits are in the correct order. The good thing about the Joker+ is that even though the odds of the game may come off as really tough, it offers a variety of additional prizes to the participants.

This means that even if you are able to match a single number in the respective drawing or you are only able to match the star sign, you will still be able to take home a prize. For choosing the six numbers and also the astrological sign, a player will have to pay a total of 1.5 euros. In order to increase your odds of winning in a draw, it is recommended that players try at least four combinations in every draw. Here is how to go about playing the Joker+:

Step 1: Select your Combination

When you are playing the Belgium Joker+, the combination you have to select for the game comprises of two parts; first, there are the six digits and the second part is to choose an astrological sign. Six random numbers are determined by the terminal at the point of sale. Players should then take a look at the game combinations they wish to play as well as the astrological sign they want to go with. It is also an option for the players to go with the Quick Pick combination if they believe doing so will work in their favor.

Step 2: Secure your ticket

After you have selected your game combinations and paid the required amount for them, you will be provided with a ticket that serves as a confirmation of your participation in the Belgium Joker+. You need to make sure that the ticket mentions the correct dates of the respective draws that you want to participate in and also the game combinations you have selected. The ticket is the most important document you need when claiming a prize due to which you need to keep it as secure as possible.

Step 3: The drawing

After you have selected your numbers and bought your ticket, it is time for you to wait for the draw. If you are playing the Joker+ with Euro Millions and the Belgium Lotto, there will be four draws, as mentioned above. The draw is broadcasted on TV and this makes the whole game transparent and credible. Even if you are not able to watch the draws live, you can later check the results on the official website. Alternatively, you can also find out the results by calling on the direct line. You can also visit the nearest outlet and get your ticket scanned to find out if it has won a prize.

When the draw is being conducted, six random digits will be drawn from the drum, which will lie in the range of 0 and 9 and one astrological sign will also be drawn. The order in which the numbers are drawn and how they are combined will determine the amount that you will be able to take home.

In playing the Belgium Joker+, there are two ways that a player can win a prize and they are:

  • From right to left, which means that you will read the numbers from the far right and then move towards the far left.
  • From left to right, which means that you will begin with the number on the far left and head towards the numbers on the right.

In order to take home the jackpot, which is at least a minimum of 200,000 euros, it is essential for the players to find the six numbers in the correct order and also guess the astrological sign correctly. The odds of matching both of them successfully are 1 in 12,000,000. The overall chances of winning a prize in the Belgium Joker+ are 1 in 3.88 and that too for a cost of 1.5 euros.

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The odds of winning the secondary prizes are outlined below:

  • In order to win the second prize, players have to match the six numbers in the correct order and the odds of accomplishing this are 1 in 1,090,909. The amount that players will be able to take home is 20,000 euros.
  • You need to match five of the six numbers in the correct order to win the third prize and the chances of doing so are 1 in 55,556. In this case, the prize they will get is 2,000 euros.
  • The fourth prize category requires players to match four of the six numbers in the right order and the odds of this happening are 1 in 5,556. The prize you can win amounts to 200 euros.
  • Three of the total six numbers have to be correctly matched for winning the fifth prize and the odds of doing so are 1 in 556. Here, you will be given a small sum of 20 euros.
  • If you are able to match two numbers in the correct order, you will get the sixth prize and the odds of successfully matching them are 1 in 56. Your prize in this category will amount to 5 euros.
  • There are 1 in 6 odds of a player matching just one of the numbers correctly and winning the seventh prize. You will win a prize of 2 euros.
  • The last prize category requires a player to only match the correct astrological sign and the chances of this happening are 1 in 12. Your return in this category will be 1.5 euros, i.e. the money you spent on the ticket.

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In the situation where there is no winner in a draw, the jackpot amount continues to increase. If anyone doesn’t win the biggest prize by the 21st of the month, another 200,000 euros is added to it. There is a maximum cap applicable to the jackpot, which is about 2.5 million euros. If it reaches this sum, a winner will be produced in the Joker+ drawing. It is important for players to note that they have 20 weeks from the date of the draw to claim any prizes they have won in the Joker+, after which they will no longer be eligible for the prize. Depending on the amount you have won, there are three places that can be visited for claiming your prize.

First, you can visit the point of sale that has been accredited by the Loterie Nationale, you can go to the regional offices or you can visit the headquarters. If your winnings are below the sum of 1,000 euros, it is recommended that you simply visit a point of sale terminal and get your cash prize. In the case that the operator doesn’t have the sufficient float, they may ask you to come again to take your cash prize. Regardless of the case, it is a given that you will be handed your winnings in cash form.

If your winnings are higher than 1,000 euros, but less than 2,000 euros, you can still claim your prize from the point of sale. However, they are not obliged to pay you and you can visit a regnal office or go to the headquarters for claiming a prize. You need to take your winning ticket as well as your ID and account details for claiming purposes. Winnings higher than 2000 euros, but less than 25,000 euros can be claimed from the regional office or the headquarters. The offices operate from Monday to Friday and have specific timings. Making an appointment is not necessary.

If your prizes are higher than 25,000 euros or you have won the jackpot, the claim can only be made at the headquarters, which are located in Brussels. Here, an appointment needs to be made for you to claim your prize. One of the best things about winning the lottery in Belgium is that you receive the amount in a lump sum, which is free of any tax. International players may have to check laws in their country, but local players don’t have to worry about any taxes.

When you want to play the Joker+, it is possible for players to play via the website as Loterie Nationale has provided them with this facility. As a matter of fact, a smartphone app has also been created to make it convenient for everyone to participate. As far as international players are concerned, they can make use of lottery agent services who have representatives in the country and will buy the tickets of Joker+ on your behalf. The best part is that they can also claim the prizes on your behalf and enable you to enjoy the game without having to travel to Belgium.

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