Bastille Day Lottosend Promotion 2017 – Celebrate With a European Jackpot!

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What Happens on Bastille Day!

July 14th, to the French, is Bastille Day (Fete Nationale). It is a lot similar to Independence Day in America and it represents a very vital day in the national calendar of France.

On this day, France commemorates the introduction of a kind of government. Bastille Day signifies the downfall of the ancient monarchy and the start of the French republic.

On Bastille Day, traditions feature in the festivities of this French national holiday held on 14th July. The hugest tradition, however, is the parade that is held each year on Bastille Day in the morning.

A military parade creates a fabulous display of all French military branches such as army, naval and air force, which fly above. This takes place in Paris on the Champs-Elysees.

Bastille Day is not just celebrated all over France but in other states also, by a smaller population of people who are connected culturally or ancestrally to France.

Celebrating Bastille Day with Lottosend!

Apart from the pomp and fanfare that accompanies Bastille Day Celebrations, Lottosend believes extra cash can make Bastille Day more enjoyable for you!

Lottosend is excited to offer you a whole 15% discount on the EU lotteries. All you have to do is include the promo code HAPPYFR when purchasing your lottery tickets. This shall give you a wonderful chance to be a lotto winner on this great day!

How to Spend Cash after Winning the Lottery on Bastille Day!

It never crossed your mind that you could be a winner! Maybe you do not normally play the lottery, as you do not think you can win. However, on this great day, who knows…you might just get lucky! Where Lotto is concerned however, anything is possible. It is therefore good to know how to spend your cash after you win.

Take Things Slow

First of all, avoid taking any action. Allow the emotions to settle so that you can take time to plan. It is a good idea to even take a holiday to go and think things over, to avoid going wild! Let the excitement die down and spend some time alone.

When you win the lottery, you should expect demands from family, friends and the general public. You can now afford to buy the car or house of your dreams and travel anywhere you want for that well-deserved holiday!

Contact the Right people

It is important for you to bring together a group of advisers you can rely on, such as a skilled accountant, estate planning agent, insurance agent and a dependable financial adviser.

The urge to spend all your money at once is great, so it is vital to have people who can keep you on track!

This group can assist you to make a decision on how to pick your winnings as well as pay your taxes.

You can opt to pick a lump sum for the lottery or have it paid in an annuity over 30 years.

For the two, you need to pay taxes. As you know yourself best, you shall decide whether receiving all of it is wise, as the temptation to blow it all away on spending is real!

This is an important consideration as even a billion dollars can be spent and get finished.

When you have your ideal team together, you can start to find out what you truly want and what is valuable in your life.

When you win the lotto, you can even quit work! Therefore, get to know your purpose and meaning in life.

Taking some time to make plans is vital, to avoid spending the winnings just aimlessly. You can even take one year to let the thrill of winning wear off so that you can make lucid

You can decide to invest your cash and use dividends to survive, begin a charitable organization or even become, for instance, a real-estate baron.

Live Your Life

There will be tax implications for all you do. Your advisers will be the ones to assist you to make sure that you eliminate crazy choices and help you to provide for your friends, family and community in a wise manner.

The attorney can assist you to put up trusts; this is determined by your personal values. For instance, if you are a parent, you can keep aside some investments for your kids, your future or benefit from charitable deductions because you are now a wealthy person!

Therefore, to all dreamers available, there is no reason to worry! When you become a lucky winner, you shall have access to individuals who can assist you to retain your sanity and not blow all your millions away!


So, this Bastille Day, ensure you buy your lottery tickets from Lottosend and take advantage of our great offer. You might be a lucky winner and change your entire life for the better!

Best of luck!

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