Austrian Lotto 6aus45 – All About the Austrian Lotto

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Austrian Lotto

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Lotteries play a very important role in the lives of millions of persons. Lotteries have been and remain to be the quickest means of becoming a millionaire. Of course, it is easy to see why a good number of countries create and operate lottery games. Austria is one of such countries. Apart from legends such as Mozart, Freud and Strauss, this German-speaking country located in Central Europe is home to the Austrian Lotto 6aus45 (Lotto 6/45). This landlocked federal republic home to over 8.7 people boasts of its Lottery 6aus45 which has been operating since 1986 and has till now, played a very important and influential role in the lives of its residents and citizens.

The first draw of this lottery was held on September 7th, 1986 and continues to create new millionaires each draw. There is no doubt that this lottery has grown to be Austria’s Number 1 lottery game. The 6/45 matrix which the game uses has helped make the lottery even more of a favorite among the country’s residents as the matrix coupled with the size of the country’s population and the gaming behavior of Austrians has led to many low division prizes, attractive middle division prizes and a limited number of top-tier prizes. The Lotto 6aus45 is operated by the Austrian Lottery Toto Company which currently hosts more than nine lottery games with the Lotto 6aus45 as its flagship lottery game. Other lotto games include the Class Lottery, the Small Number Lottery, the SportsToto and the Letter Lottery.

Playing the Austian Lotto 6aus45

Known in German as the Osterreichische Lotterien, the Austrian Lotto follows a 6/45 matrix which means that players choose balls out of 45 balls numbered from 1 to 45. Each play of the Lotto 6aus45 costs $2. The total cost of a ticket depends on the number of plays per ticket. Players can choose to participate in the Lotto 6aus45 by choosing their numbers themselves. Generally, these numbers are numbers with significance or random numbers. However, the best way to choose random numbers is by using the “Quickly+1” feature. This feature allows the system to pick numbers for the players randomly. Apart from being quick and convenient, this feature also gives the player a chance to have truly random numbers and a greater chance of winning the jackpot alone since other players will never really choose random numbers manually but will always choose numbers of significance to them. Also, there are some additional options which increase a player’s chances of winning while also affecting the cost of a Lotto 6aus45 ticket.

One of such is the System Bet. This option is automatically triggered when a player chooses more than six numbers. Of course, choosing more than six numbers increases a player’s chances of winning. This increment in the player’s chances also mean an increase in the cost of the ticket. Another method of increasing your winning chances is to choose additional numbers in different combinations.

Another add-on is the Joker Game. This is a supplementary game which gives players an additional opportunity to win and get rich. Unlike the regular Lotto 6aus45, players do not select numbers for the Joker game because the serial number of the actual Lotto 6aus49 ticket corresponds to the Joker draw. During the Joker draw, six numbers are drawn from a drum containing balls numbered from 0 to 9. Once a number is drawn, it is placed back into the drum making it possible for the number to be drawn again.

On October 1st, 2017, an additional draw was introduced. This draw referred to as the LottoPlus gives players a second chance to win by giving using their Lotto 6aus45 numbers to participate in the LottoPlus draw.

Playing the Lotto is easy. On the betting slip are grids of boxes each of which represent one of the 45 numbers which can be selected. Choose your numbers by ticking the boxes that correspond.

Winnings and Prizes

Draws for the Lotto6aus45 and the Joker game are held every week on Wednesdays and Sundays at 04:30 PM GMT. The draws are broadcast on Austrian TV Channel, ORF. During the draw, numbers are selected from a single drum containing 45 balls ranging from 1 to 45. Also, a Bonus number known as the “Zusatzzahl” is selected from the same drum. This number is not used to determine the winner of the jackpot but it plays a part in determining the winners for the second, fourth, sixth and eighth prize tiers. The Lotto 6aus45 has 08 prize divisions with the first being the jackpot. The jackpot is won by matching the six numbers chosen during the draw. This lottery game has a minimum guaranteed jackpot amount of €1.5 million. Also, if there is no jackpot winner for a draw, the jackpot amount is added to the next draw’s jackpot amount. This practice has put the average jackpot amount for this lottery game somewhere around €5 million. The odds of winning the Lotto 6aus45 jackpot is 1 in 8.145 million while the odds of winning any prize stands at just 1 in 16.

Apart from the jackpot, other prizes exist for matching any amount of numbers with or without the Bonus number. The prize amount increases as the numbers matched increase. There is even a prize for matching the Zusatzzahl alone. Lotto 6aus45 prizes are usually collected as a one-time cash lump sum and are tax-free.

The Joker game is won by matching the Joker number correctly and in the correct sequence. The first prize for the Joker game is won by matching all numbers in the correct order. The second prize is won by matching the last five numbers, the third prize by matching the last four numbers and so on. The Joker draw takes place after the Lotto 6aus45 draw.

Record Jackpot Amounts

Some of the Lotto 6aus45’s record jackpots were €10 million won in October 2011 and again in May 2008. In October 2009, a €7.5 million jackpot was also won. On August 12th, 2015, a single player from Vienna, Austria’s largest and capital city won a jackpot of €9.6 million which had been rolled over five times.

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