Australian Online Lotto Player Missed US Powerball Millions for a Reason You Won’t Believe

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US Powerball Jackpot Missed by Australian Online Lotto Player

An online lottery player from Australia was left kicking himself after realizing that he missed on US Powerball millions after getting his parents wedding anniversary date wrong!

Jason, A construction worker from Perth, Australia, couldn’t believe the size of the error he made when he played the US Powerball online. Wanting to pick numbers that were close to him he went with the usual; birthdays, special dates and anniversaries. If only he would have checked with his mum before playing the Powerball online.

“I thought that they got married in September ’64 so when I had two numbers left to pick I chose 9 & 64.” What Jason didn’t realize when he chose his Powerball online numbers what that his parents actually got married in October ’63, no big deal right? Wrong.

Playing the Lotto online from Australia or anywhere else in the world has opened up the possibilities to win millions every day to people all over the world, however, human error will remain and in this story, it was an expensive mistake.



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Instead of staking their claim to being one of the first US Powerball online jackpot winners, the construction worker from Perth had to settle for 4th place finish. In pure numbers, the mistake meant that instead of receiving $94,000,000, Jason had to settle for $297!

“I couldn’t believe it when I found out what I had done, I still can’t bring myself to think about what could have been. I told my mum & she thought I was joking, luckily my dad wasn’t sure about the anniversary date also!”

What a way to miss out on the US Powerball jackpot. When we heard of the story we just had to speak to Jason & find out how this could have ever happened. Jason told us that he has been playing the US Powerball online for almost a year, despite his great misfortune he did tell us that the $297 was still the biggest online lottery win he has had since he began playing the Powerball online.

Despite the recent bad luck, Jason made it clear to us that he will still play the US Powerball online and has even set up a subscription through his online lottery provider just to make sure he never misses a draw in the future. “From now on I am playing both lines – with the correct anniversary date and with the wrong one, I can’t face making the same mistake again.”

Jason is recently divorced and even joked with us that by missing out on the millions he has probably just avoided a lot of drama with his ex-wife!

We wish Jason all the luck going forward for future US Powerball draws, hopefully next time we hear from him it will be about his US Powerball online Jackpot win. Jason was very close to being the first Australian online lottery player to win the US Powerball Jackpot.


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