Australian Lotto – Australian Lotteries Welcome You to Join the Big Game!

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Australian Lotto

Do you enjoy winning? We have amazing news: Australian lotteries are available for everyone! Australian lotto welcome you to join the big game and get a chance to win one of top five Australian games.  What makes the Australian Lotto an attractive game for players worldwide is that the odds are so good. Whether you are a lottery fan or just hope to get lucky, you can play Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Lotto, or become the next big winner in Australia Powerball Lotto. At Lottosend you can choose your favorite lottery and play it, or view the results of the latest draws. Who knows, maybe you will be the one to win the jackpot!


Are these lotteries available for Australian residents only?

Absolutely not. Australian lotteries are not limited to local citizens only. People all over the world can join and try their luck in one of the most exciting series of jackpot games. You can use the convenient lottery concierge service and play Australia Powerball, or any other lotteries online.

The lottery concierge gives you an opportunity to play online lotteries from different countries. The only thing you need to do is to create a lottery account. There you will be able to view the history of all your registered lottery tickets. Each time you get lucky, a personal e-mail will be sent to your account with all the details of your prize.

The online lottery service is convenient to use and totally secure. Every ticket you buy is registered to your account. The service guarantees both the safekeeping of a winning ticket and the transfer of the prize you have won.

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All Ticket Purchases Are Done With %100 Secure Online Payment Options

Secure payment options can be found here.

Play Oz Lotto Online Minimum Jackpot $2,000,000 AUD
  Play Oz Powerball Online Minimum Jackpot $3,000,000 AUD
  Play Saturday Lotto Online Minimum Jackpot $1,000,000 AUD
  Play Monday Lotto Online Minimum Jackpot $1,000,000 AUD
  Play Wednesday Lotto Online Minimum Jackpot $1,000,000 AUD

What is the secret of Australian Lotteries’ worldwide popularity?

Australian lotteries have grown popular all over the world, and lots of lottery fans prefer them to other games. The main advantages for lottery players are:

  • Higher chances to win

  • Bigger cash prizes for winners

  • Australian Lotteries offer the best odds in comparison with other international games

  • A convenient system of Tax Free Prizes which allows to get more tax returns

  • Both big and small prizes are paid quickly and without any problems

  • Lucky winners get a lump sum payment even in Division 1

  • Available for everyone – entry sums start from $0.71

  • Winners get payouts on the next day, without delays

  • Tickets are easy to buy, even if you are playing for the first time

All Australian lotteries offer considerable cash prizes that can change the life of a lucky winner. And the best part is that there is a variety of exciting games, so you can choose a lottery to your liking or try your luck at all of them.

Australian Lotto – Australia Powerball

This lottery offers a chance to win the biggest prize of AU$3 million. Characterized by high Division 1 prizes and big jackpots, Australia’s Powerball has become very popular both in the country and over the world. Some people have been playing it since the first draw in May 1996. The winning numbers are drawn on Thursday at 8.30pm AEDT (7.30pm AEST) but you can see the results online as well. To play the game you need to choose six numbers from 1 to 40. You also pick the Powerball – one additional number from 1 to 20. The player who guesses both all the main numbers and the Powerball wins the top prize of Division 1.

Australian Lotto – Saturday Lotto

Australia Powerball

Launched in 1972, it remains one of the top Australian lotteries. It follows traditional lottery rules. You select six numbers from 1 to 45. During the draw, six winning numbers are chosen first. Then two supplementary numbers are drawn. If you guess all the six main numbers correctly, you get the jackpot and become an Australian Lotto winner.

Australian Lotto – Oz Lotto

OzLottoThis first Australian national lottery was launched in 1994. Lottery fans prefer it because of the biggest ever prize – the record of AU$111,972,151 – that was won by four players at once in November 2012. Being a lottery of 6/45 type, originally it had five divisions, each with a different prize. In 2005 the rules were changed, and an additional number was introduced into the game. Now there are two more prize lines in it. Find out more on the OZ Lotto & why it is the most popular Australian Lotto here.

Australian Lotto – Monday Lotto

Launched in 1979. The first draw took place in New South Wales. Later the rules were altered, and the main prize was increased, so nowadays it is popular all over the state. Each player should mark six numbers from 1 to 45 on their ticket. The lottery begins with a traditional draw. The person who guesses all six numbers correctly gets the main Division 1 prize. However, later comes another draw from the same pot. Two additional numbers increase the winning chances of every player.

Australian Lotto – Wednesday Lotto

This lottery is based on the same principles as Monday Lotto. The drawing takes place every week, and you can win the largest prize of AU$1 million if you choose all the six drawn numbers correctly. The main draw is followed by the additional one, in which two more numbers are chosen. Such a system allows players to get enlarged winnings in different lottery tiers.

All These Australian Lotteries Provide the Highest Odds of Winning Considerable Sums:

Even if you live far from Australia, you can use Lottosend to win your lucky jackpot. All you need to do is purchase an online lottery ticket and cross your fingers. All the rest we will do for you: buy an official ticket of the chosen lottery and send a scan of it to your account. When your ticket wins, we will send you immediate notification of winning and transfer the prize without delay. Get lucky and enjoy your victories from the Land of Kangaroos!

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