Enjoy Your Ride On The Road To Riches: Australia Super 66 Lotto

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Australia Super 66 Lottery

Australia Super 66 Lottery – Enjoy the Ride!

Super 66 Lotto

Super 66 offers an add-on game which is simple; it can just be played after you also buy a ticket for Saturday Lotto. This game is played in each Australian state, other than New South Wales, which is instead operated by an improved edition known as Lotto Strike.

The prizes are not as huge as the ones provided in the main draw of TattsLotto; however, the Super 66 and Lotto Strike kitty normally offer jackpots that exceed AUD $1 million. The winning odds for it are a lot more.

Playing Super 66

Official Scanned Tickets: Australia Oz Lotto – Play Online

Australian Lottery Official Scanned Tickets: Australia Oz Lotto – Play Online

The Super 66 draw is generated by computer and takes place at 8:30 pm each Saturday night. To join, you need to also buy a ticket for the corresponding TattsLotto draw (TAS, VIC, NT, and ACT) and Gold Lotto (QLD), Saturday Lotto (WA), or X Lotto (SA) at the same time. Instead of drawing from a pool of digits between 1-45, just the numbers 0-9 are included in games for Super 66.

Also, in the standard lotto, every number just appears one time; here, the numbers can repeat. You, therefore, obtain a series of 6 5 3 4 2 5, for instance, where the 5 comes up two times.

The game’s principle is uncomplicated: in the event that your ticket matches the winning number of six digits, you become the jackpot winner. The difference, when it comes to other lottery draws in Australia is that the order in which every digit is drawn is important. This is the reason the Super 66 winning numbers are termed as one number, instead of a set of six separate numbers.

For instance, suppose the Saturday Lotto presents 5 3 1 2 4 6 as the six key winning digits. In this scenario, our ticket might read 2 4 3 6 5 1 and we would still become winners.

But in Super 66, we should match the precise series; therefore, in case the drawn number is 3 1 2 4 6 then our ticket should read 5 3 1 2 4 6, in that exact order, for us to claim the jackpot. Division One provides an AUD $16,666 minimum jackpot, which often produces jackpots of more than $ 1 million while each of the other divisions have fixed payouts.  The jackpot for Super 66 can rise to a maximum of 25 successive weeks. Following this, the prize rolls down to the following tier in case there is no successful claim for Division One.

The odds of winning the Super 66 top prize are precisely 1 in 1,000,000. When you contrast this to the jackpot odds of Saturday Lotto (1 in 8.15 million), you are able to see the reason a lot of individuals choose to purchase a Super 66 ticket together with their main draw numbers each weekend.

Winning Super 66

As stated earlier, Super 66 permits just one prize for each entry. In case a Super 66 number consists of two groups of winning consecutive numbers, it shall win the larger division prize.

Normally, the jackpots for Super 66 Division 1 prize is postponed to the coming week in the event that there is no winner. According to rules of Super 66 where the prize for Division 1 has not been won for 25 consecutive weeks, the prize pool is spread to the direct lower division, which has winners.

This is normally Division 2. You have the chance to purchase your tickets even 10 weeks before for any draw. This is especially beneficial for individuals who might be traveling and still desire to participate in the lottery for Super 66 or the ones who might desire to keep away from the rush.

So as to become the winner of Super 66 Division 1 prize, the number of your ticket needs to match the Super 66 numbers of 6 digits as drawn. But, you are also able to win a prize where your number for Super 66 matches the precise order of the 1st or last 2, 3, 4 or 5 drawn numbers.

Division 1 provides a prize of AUS $16,666.00, AU$6,666.00 is presented in Division 2, AU$666.00 applies to Division 3 while a winner of Division 3 gets AU $66.00. Winner of the last division wins AU$6.60.

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Breakdown of Lotto Prize for Australia Super 66

After straining to purchase tickets and select the random digits, each lottery player eagerly anticipates the draws. It is not just thrilling, but can offer a life-changing occurrence, especially for the ones who become winners of prizes for 1st or 2nd Division.

In order to avoid missing your prize as happens to some people, you need to be very observant during an announcement of the draw results. Make sure that you confirm your ticket numerous times and check the outcomes once more, either on newspapers or online.

Prizes of lower than AU$1,500 can directly be claimed from the retail outlet when you present your winning ticket and documents for identification.

Any prizes that exceed the threshold of $1,500 should be personally claimed at the headquarters of Golden Casket Lottery Corporation situated on 87 Ipswich Rd, Woolloongabba, Brisbane, Queensland 4102.

The method of payment for prizes can be either in form of a check or electric funds transfer. So as to be successful in picking your prize from the head office, it is necessary for you to take your original lotto ticket with you and an identification document that can be either a driving license or passport.

First Division prizewinners need to pick their prizes two weeks following the draw on the initial business day. Lower division prizes, on the other hand, can be paid from the following business day from 8.30 am after the draw takes place.

In case you misplace your Super 66 winning lotto ticket, you should fill in a search form for lost or damaged ticket. This shall help the management and authorities to track the ticket in the lottery ticket.

Usually, a search fee is applicable to this procedure. In case the ticket is successfully traced, a ‘Stop Payment’ is placed on the winning ticket, so long as no one has claimed the prize yet.

Each and every year Australia Super 66 lottery turns many people from around the world into wealthy overnight, however Lottosend does not currently provide tickets for this game for customers, we recommend trying out one of the other Australian lotto games such as Oz Lotto or one of the USA lotto games such as Mega Millions.

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