What is My Lucky Number – Astrology & Lotteries: Are Your Winning Numbers in the Stars?

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Lottery Astrology

We’re all looking for new ways to play and win the lottery. Whether it’s playing different foreign lotteries or joining a syndicate, it’s good to get a bit of variety now and again. So, if you enjoy playing the lottery, have you ever wondered whether or not astrology could help you pick winning numbers that will win the lotto jackpot?

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Many people look to the stars to try and find out what is going to happen in their lives. Some people take this a step further and use astrology to help them pick lottery numbers, in the belief that their very own horoscope will reveal your lucky numbers. Now with online lottery websites you can easily go online and find your lucky numbers according to your astrological sign.

So, how does using astrology to pick lottery numbers work?

Astrology and Lotteries

You might use your astrological sign or your birth month to select numbers that are lucky for you.

What is My Lucky Number?

As a matter of fact, each astrological sign is associated with its own number. Here is the chart:

1. Aries – 45
2. Taurus – 21
3. Gemini – 17
4. Cancer – 6
5. Leo – 5
6. Virgo – 13
7. Libra – 33
8. Scorpio – 27
9. Sagittarius – 52
10. Capricorn – 21
11. Aquarius – 15
12. Pisces – 3

So you could use your star sign’s number with those of your family and friends to get a set of numbers to play, although this would might not give you all of the numbers needed for a full ticket but it could help you in choosing your numbers.

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Lucky Days

Different astrological signs have their own lucky days, too, as well as numbers. So, if one of your astrological lucky days is Tuesday and there is a big lottery drawing scheduled for that day, with a big jackpot prize, who knows? You might be luckier on that day! It’s worth a try, hey?

What is My Lucky Day?

1. Aries – Tuesday
2. Taurus – Friday
3. Gemini – Wednesday
4. Cancer – Monday
5. Leo – Sunday
6. Virgo – Wednesday
7. Libra – Friday
8. Scorpio – Tuesday
9. Sagittarius – Thursday
10. Capricorn – Saturday
11. Aquarius – Wednesday
12. Pisces – Thursday

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Astrology Predicts Lucky Lotto Numbers?

If you surf the web, you will find quite a few sites that use astrological data and horoscopes to help people choose their lucky numbers and luckiest days to play lotto games.

Do these sites work?

Probably not reliably, although there have been a few lottery winners who attributed their luck to astrology. When all is said and done, using astrology to help select your lotto game numbers is probably just as good as any other system.

Perhaps the most important thing about picking numbers to play the lottery is simply to do it. Because, without a ticket you have no chance of winning!

So go ahead and investigate astrology, then see if it helps . Otherwise you can use our Quick Pick Feature, which is part of all our lottery games.

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  2. My name is gurpriya kaur and on the 22/01/2016 I become a millionaire due to winning the lottery multiple times. My thanks goes to everyone and everything who made this happen.

  3. my name is prakash and dob is 20/10/67 , could you tel me which is the best option number to choose number for Euro millions as the base of DOB .

  4. i would like to win the lottery to pay my bills and to help people who dont have the means.

  5. please i need a daily number to play Nigeria/Ghana lotto i want to always win the lotto

  6. If I Win, I came back the past when I was a poor have no eaten, and had a sick my family but I’m always to thank a god they people each a life, I give the people I have I’m sharing a blessing if I win, because I’m cry every time My memories to back, because I know feel have no eaten. And that’s my sacrifice to achieve what I have and I’m satisfied, I never change my attitude, if I win I help the other people

  7. I wish I may, I wish I might; Have this wish, I wish tonight…….
    A dream is a wish your heart makes, when your fast asleep……

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