Do You Want VIP Seats At An Arsenal Football Match? Check Out Arsenal Lotto!

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The Arsenal Lotto gives you the chance to bet on a non-UK lottery and win life-changing prizes twice a week whilst also supporting The Arsenal Foundation

The most common questions regarding Arsenal Lotto are whether its background is legit or not. There is also the question whether Arsenal Lotto’s online lottery betting services provider is reliable. Although we can tell you for sure if they are legit or not we can say that we like the idea!

Around 25% of the collected proceeds are provided to Arsenal Foundation, offering grants for the youthful ambitious individuals who take part in sports projects and also support the local sports growth.

The support service of the site is accessible from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. (British time). Arsenal Lotto genuine online status is protected by Norton Safe Web, Google Safe Web.

Each user of ArsenalLotto who has purchased a minimum of 1 ticket shall instantly be included in the list of the monthly draw for raffles offering the prizes below:

  • 1st place: attending team practice for Arsenal football team
  • 2nd place: tickets for soccer match
  • 3rd place: prize with autographs of the team members

Arsenal Lotto utilizes a matrix of 6/49. This signifies that players shall need to choose balls with numbers from a 1-49 guess range as well as the bonus ball known as the ‘Legend.’

Syndicates for Arsenal Lotto

The Website provides 2 kinds of syndicates: ‘World Football’ and ‘Supporters.’ The draw for ‘Supporters’ is carried out twice each week and the cost of each line is £2.50.

The maximal limit for entry lines is fixed at 100. If you wish to only play once, ensure you do not mark the ‘repeat participation’ box, otherwise the charge shall be withdrawn the following draw. The syndicate entry line for the ‘World Football’ syndicate costs £10.

1000 is fixed as the limit for maximal entry lines. When you play in the syndicates, it is not possible for you to select your digits.

Claiming Prizes

If you become a lucky a winner at ArsenalLotto an email notification will be sent to you. When you only match the bonus ‘Legend’ digit, you shall become a winner of free lottery lines.

Winnings of a maximum of £2,499 shall be forwarded to your individual cabinet at Arsenal Lotto. Cash prizes in the range of £2,500-£99,999 shall be only forwarded to your cabinet following the personal information verification.

The administrator of the site might request you to forward the duplicate of your passport or another document for administration with your photograph. You may choose to let the money remain in your account for further draws or withdraw it.

In case you become the lucky winner of £100,000 and more, you shall need to get in touch with the service department of the site by email or phone. The cash shall be moved to your bank account by mail or sent as a check.

Conclusion About Arsenal Lotto

A 6/49 matrix is used by Arsenal Lotto as well as 1 bonus ball. The draws take place twice each week on Wednesday and Saturday. To win the lottery jackpot, one should match 6 main balls as well as the extra ball ‘Legend.’

The website operates 2 kinds of syndicates, ‘World Football and ‘Supporters’ which vary in regard to the number of entry lines and the cost.

Players should purchase any number of shares they want; however, the site does not promise that each of them shall be played in a similar syndicate.

We can not tell you if we recommend trying out the Arsenal lotto program or not as we have not personally tried it yet, although no one has written anything negative about this lotto game online, it can not be said for sure if it is a scam or not. If you want to check out official American lotteries or European / Australian lotto games on our website click here.

If you have any experience with the Arsenal online lotto program please leave us your comments in the comment form below.

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