Argentina Quini 6 – Enjoy the Good Odds of this Game in Argentina

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Argentina Quini 6

What is Argentina renowned for? Most people are familiar with the country due to football, the local architecture, Argentinian wines and tango. However, this is not all because there is one more thing that helps the country in standing out and that is the lottery. One of the most popular lottery games in Argentina is none other than Quini 6. Even though the game has been around since 1988, it continues to enjoy a high level of popularity even today. This is due to the fact that even though it does have the usual format of other lotteries, it has certain features and good odds that make it a worthy and fun game.

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Quini 6 History

Launched back in 1988, Quini 6 is one of the first lotteries that were included in the portfolio of La Loteria de Santa Fe. It was also one of the first games in the country that has televised drawings. This particular draw game is governed by the rules and regulations under the game of Quiniela, which is associated with the Social Assistance Fund. As mentioned before, Santa Fe is the province of jurisdiction. The responsibility of determining the programming of plays of the Quini 6 also belongs to the Social Assistance Fund.

Originally, the game of Quini 6 was only available in the Santa Fe region, but as the game’s popularity grew rather quickly, it was decided to move it to the national level. When people participate in the Quini 6 lottery game, their entries are processed through the computer system. This particular system is supervised by the state, which means that the results are fair to every single participant and absolutely no one can appeal against them. As Quini 6 is one of the oldest lottery games in Argentina, it is definitely not a scam or else it wouldn’t have lasted this long.

A national entity has organized this particular game and there are regulations that have been established for governing the Quini 6 drawings as well as the way the prizes are paid out to the winners. La Loterie de Santa Fe is an entity that’s under the ministry of economy of Argentina. This organization had been originally set up back in 1938. Quiniela de Santa Fe was one of the most prominent games of the organization and its first draw was conducted in 1982. Then, the Quini 6 had been launched in 1988.

Today, a relatively large number of games are part of the portfolio of the Loteria de Santa Fe and some of the prominent choices include Loteria, which is the oldest game in its portfolio. The other games include Brinco, a game quite similar to Quini 6, Loteria Chica, Poceada Federal, Tombola Santafesina and Quiniela.

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How to Play Quini 6

The pay slip or betting coupon of this game contains a horde of numbers from which the player is required to choose the ones they wish to enter in the draw as per the regulations. Make sure you have chosen the right numbers on the slip because they will identify your bet in the Quini 6 game. If you are selecting the numbers you want to play at the gambling terminals, you can mark the respective numbers or even dictate them verbally. These numbers will then be entered through the keyboard into the terminal after which a ticket is provided.

The ticket is the only proof that players have about their participation in the lottery game. At the same time, the manual marketing of the pay slip is done. This means that there will be two parts; one duplicate and one original. The tickets that are then issued will consist of the unique identification number, the contest number, the permit number, the bet made, the date of the contest and also an indication whether you are betting Quini 6 Revancha or Quini 6 Always Goes Out. Apart from that, the tickets also have to have a bar code, time and date of realization of the bet and there should also be a part number if it is a combined bet.

You will typically be provided with the duplicate manual marking coupon and it will serve as evidence of your participation in the Quini 6. As far as the original coupon is concerned, it is sent for processing to the Social Assistance Fund. Before the draw of the Quini 6 is conducted, an electronic process of registration is first performed by using the original coupons and this is of the utmost importance. If you have chosen to play online, the issuance of the ticket is a direct indication that you have been entered in the draw and the system has accepted your bet.

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Quini 6 Rules

If you are wondering about the rules and options concerned with playing the Quini 6 bet, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. In order to submit your entry for a drawing, you have to select a total of six numbers in the range of 1 and 45. There are two draws of the Quini 6 held in a week and they are on Wednesday and Sunday, respectively. All six numbers have to be matched by the players if they are interested in winning the Quini 6 jackpot. There are two drawings of the traditional games and the first one is referred to as Primer Sorteo whereas the second one boasts the name La Segunda del Quini.

A jackpot will be paid out to both people who are able to guess the six numbers in the Primer Sorteo and also the ones who are able to match the winning numbers of La Segunda del Quini. A separate jackpot amount is set aside for both of the drawings. Last, but not the least, there is one more additional drawing that’s known as Quini 6 Revancha. Regardless of the particulars of each of these drawings, players should know that all three of them boast a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 1.5 million pesos. In case there are no winners in a respective drawing, the amount of jackpot will be rolled over to the next one, which will produce even bigger jackpots.

Other than placing the simple bet, players can also increase their odds of winning the Quini 6 jackpot by opting for multiple bets. The multiple bets are also known as combined bets and these are the ones that exceed six numbers per play. If you have decided to go with multiple bets, you have to follow the same process as that of a simple bet where you enter your choices through the terminals at the point of sale. You can choose to play anywhere between 8 to 15 numbers in a multiple bet.

As Quini 6 is such a famous game, it is possible that there are fraudulent retailers who sell tickets that have not been authorized by the Social Assistance Fund. Therefore, Social Assistance Fund has absolved itself from any liability that arises from the acceptance of unauthorized vouchers by a player. Whatever means seem convenient to them, the Social Assistance Fund will inform the player about the amounts of entries made, the full list of winning bets, the prize pool as well as the prizes to be paid out.

As Quini 6 is a 6 out of 45 game, it has considerably better odds of winning the jackpot as compared to the standard gameplay that comprises of 6 out of 49 numbers. The odds of any player winning the jackpot in the Quini 6 are 1 in 8,145,080. The biggest jackpot to be ever won in the history of the game, for all three of the drawings, was paid out in September 2017. A sum of 207 million pesos, which is the equivalent of 11.93 million US dollars, was announced by the La Loterie de Santa Fe. The sum was indeed a massive one, but it wasn’t to be paid out to just one player. Instead, it was distributed amongst all the players who managed to get the correct numbers for the three draws.

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Record Jackpots

The biggest single jackpot winner in Quini 6 won a prize of more than 72 million pesos, which was around 4.15 million US dollars, and the lucky winner had purchased their ticket in May, 2015 in La Plata. They were able to take home the spectacular sum because they succeeded in matching all the six Revancha numbers correctly. Apart from the jackpot, there are lower prize categories that are also available in Quini 6 and these are paid out to players who are able to match five or four numbers in the first draw and five numbers correct in the second draw.

In the case of Revancha, prizes are only paid out to the players who are able to match all six of the winning numbers. The amount of prize varies because it depends on the number of people who buy the ticket for the respective drawing as well as the number of winners for every prize tier. As Quini 6 is a pari-mutuel game, everyone’s contribution determines the rewards. Occasionally, special drawings for the Quini 6 are also held and these come with considerably higher jackpots as compared to those in the standard game.

For instance, in celebration of the lottery’s 75th anniversary, celebratory drawings were held in November 2017 and the jackpot that was announced for the three drawings was 100 million pesos. The regulations that govern Quini 6 allow for the use of own equipment or other official lottery drawing equipment as well. If you discover that you have won a prize in the draw, you can file your claim beginning from the 5th business date after the day of the draw. You can visit the local Social Welfare Fund for claiming your prize.

When it comes to claiming prizes, payment can only be made when you present your ticket. The tickets are verified by the Social Assistance Fund and should not be defaced. The Quini 6 contest expires on the 15th day after the drawing date. If this day falls on a holiday, the expiry automatically moves to the next day. If the time for claiming the prize expires and no one comes forward to claim it, the prize is automatically extinguished.

How The Jackpot Works

The first prize in the Quini 6 draw is assigned 70 percent of the total prize pool, the second prize is assigned 10 percent whereas the third is given 3 percent. 16.3 percent of the prize pool is set aside for the reserve fund for special prizes in Quini 6. 0.7 percent is also set aside for the Agent Stimulus prize. When you decide to participate in the Quini 6 Revancha, you will select the traditional six numbers. If you pay an additional value, you will also enter the additional game. 80 percent of the collections are set aside for the prize of Quini 6 Revancha. Again, if no winner comes forward in this particular draw, the prize is automatically rolled over to the next contest. Moving onto the taxes that are applicable in the country, your prize will only quality if you have won something that’s more than 6,666 Argentinian pesos. This tax is determined by the Federal Lottery Agency. The provincial entities that oversee lotteries could have the responsibility of withholding taxes before the winner is paid the sum.

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Playing Online

While the country itself doesn’t allow people to participate in the lottery online, international players have another option. They can use lottery services who have agents in various countries for buying tickets physically on the behalf of those who are not present in the country. It is a good idea for people to participate in Quini 6 as it has three lottery draws and each comes with their own respective jackpots. It is operated by a national entity and is regulated by strict laws. The prices of the tickets are also quite low, especially when compared to the payout. Low prize tiers are also available and the jackpot can rollover and get really huge if there are no winners in a Quini 6 draw.

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