African migrant win the Lottery

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The man was 35 years old when he decided on a dangerous journey by sea from Senegal, but his ship was sinking and he had to ask for help from the Spanish coastguard. He also celebrated Christmas and bought a lottery ticket, which brought him an unexpected jackpot of 400 000 Euros.

African migrant win the Lottery


In 2008, he first came to Spain penniless, but on Tuesday his fate changed dramatically because Ngagne won.

He was one of thousands who won such a sum and whose dreams have come true in an instant.

In El Gordo lottery Ngagne played for the first time and received an unexpected prize, which radically changed his destiny and gave him a chance to go home and finish his journey.

According to the Spanish news, playing the lottery about 90 000 people, is a global mega lottery. Ngagne want to thank the Government of Spain for his salvation, for winning the lottery and the chance to return home. He choked with tears of joy, because his happiness did not have chapels. He told how difficult it was when he left his home in 2007.

The boat included 65 people, including one woman, who now is his wife. When they arrived in Spain they tried to survive and took on any job, the last time they worked on the farm factory where harvested fruits and vegetables in greenhouses. He just can’t believe that now in his hands is the amount of money which is enough to go back home and start a new and good life. A very simple person like Ngagne not forgotten his employer in greenhouses, because he is grateful to him for help, work and housing.

He says that Antonio has allowed them to work and teach their own to fend for themselves, it was very appropriate for people from Africa with temporary citizenship.

Ngagne bought the ticket isn’t complete and only part of it, if the ticket was a complete and total that it could qualify for the grand prize or jackpot.

One tenth of a ticket costs 20 Euros, and its prize does not exceed 400 000 Euro, but the sum of the lottery law doesn’t take income tax. For the scheme to raise funds for charitable needs one school in Spain bought almost half of all tickets El Gordo. In total they have sold tickets for € 300 million, all of these funds are used to improve the quality of education. The mayor said that each purchased ticket becomes part of the total of the great cause, to improve education and improving the lives of the entire city. People go crazy; they can not believe that every 5-6 people can win a decent amount of money, a lot of people in great need.

One couple bought 2 tickets, which are two-tenths of the total ticket, they asked their friends to buy another 8 pieces. The total prize amounted to almost 3.6 million Euros.

But there was disappointment when one man said that he could not buy a ticket at the time, although he bought them for several years.


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