7 Internationally Popular Lotteries Upcoming Jackpots Nov 15, 2014

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jackpotsWould you like to find out about upcoming jackpots for 7 of the most internationally popular lotteries?

Knowing which lotto games have the biggest jackpots can often help determine your strategy for playing. For example, if the EuroMillions jackpot was absolutely huge, you might want to concentrate your ticket buying on it, possibly to the exclusion of others.

Or, you may feel more comfortable doing what a lot of players do: buying more tickets for the lotteries with the biggest jackpots but still playing a few others just to spread your chances, so to speak.

Upcoming Lottery Jackpots

Here are 7 upcoming jackpots for the world’s largest and most popular lotto games:

Eurojackpot >> The next drawing set for the EuroJackpot lotto game is Friday, November 21st with a jackpot of €40 million.

EuroMiliony >> The next scheduled drawing for this newcomer to the lotto game scene will be held on Tuesday, November 18th with a jackpot of €1,053,300 million.

EuroMillions >> The upcoming draw for this popular lottery will be held on Tuesday, November 18th with a jackpot of €32 million.

MegaMillions >> The next drawing for this well loved American lotto game is set for Tuesday, November 18th with a jackpot of $35 million.

PowerBall >> Currently, the drawing for Saturday, November 15th U.S. time is $50 million.
SuperEnaLotto: The next drawing for SuperEnaLotto is set for Tuesday, November 18. The estimated jackpot is €39,300.

SuperLotto Plus >> This California Lottery game as of Saturday, November 25th has an estimated jackpot of $15 million. Of course, if nobody wins it, next Saturday it will be even bigger.

Lottery Jackpots to Watch

As far as upcoming lottery jackpots, you may want to keep an eye on the EuroJackpot with its whopping €40 million jackpot prize. The Mega Millions lottery jackpot is a large $35 million and might bear watching, too.

Get online now and buy your tickets for a chance at winning one of these spectacular lottery jackpots!

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