6 Ways to Spend the SuperLotto Plus $9 Million Jackpot

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Being RichIf you were to be the lucky winner of the upcoming SuperLottoPlus jackpot worth a cool $9 million, you could probably think of a lot of ways to spend the money.

Let’s face it, $9 million would make you rich, rich, RICH!

The world would indeed be your oyster and you could do anything you wanted to within the laws of man and Mother Nature. But, if you are interested in a few suggestions on how to spend that kind of money should you become an instant millionaire paying the lottery, we can offer 6 that might be of interest to you.

Spending a SuperLotto Plus Jackpot

There are almost endless possibilities of how you might spend $9 million should you win the Wednesday, September 17th drawing.

Here are 6 suggestions on how to spend your lottery winnings:

1) Buy a new house—Many people who have become overnight millionaires spend part of their winnings on a new house. With $9 million, you could build an actual mansion of palatial size and design, and furnish it with fabulous things.

2) Buy a new car—With millions of dollars at your disposal, you could buy the most expensive luxury car available in the world today. Lamborghini? Rolls Royce? Bugatti? You can buy any or all of these!

3) Buy a new wardrobe—Wardrobe is one of the things lottery winners often spend money on. Buying designer clothes, shoes and accessories is a popular way to indulge yourself.

4) Buy things for others—If you win the $9 million SuperLotto Plus drawing, you can play Santa Claus in a big way and lavish gifts on those you hold near and dear. Houses, cars, cash and more…you can share the love with your lottery jackpot winnings.

5) Give to charity—Do you have a favorite charity or good cause? Your millions won’t be dented much by a sizeable contribution to the charities or worthy causes of your choice.

6) Travel the world—Traveling is one of the top ways for lottery winners to spend their new money. You can see far away, exotic places and go First Class all the way.

You can buy lottery tickets online for the upcoming SuperLotto Plus drawing that will take place on September 17th, so get started now for a chance to win that incredible $9 million jackpot!

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