6 Ways to Make an Unforgettable St Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day is a time when people show feelings of love. Hearts, the colors red and pink, roses, cupids symbolize the feeling of romance and love on Valentine’s Day. In this article we will tell you how make unforgettable St Valentine’s Day!

Create the right mood

It is very important part of celebration. You can’t be rude at the morning and extremely sweet at the evening. Start with smile, some cute words or maybe romantic notes. Make your half wait a coming dinner with impatience. And make him or her feel happy all day long.

valentines day gift

 Prepare a present

Gift is a very important component of the St. Valentine’s Day. You aren’t obliged to buy something extremely costly. The aim of your present is to show you love. It can be something small, insignificant for all people, except your beloved. It must be priceless for him or her.

Here are some variants of gifts:

  •  Flowers

Women like flowers, just recall what exactly flowers your honey loves. Also, you can attach a nice and romantic note to a bunch of flowers, be sure, the note soon will move to purse or organizer of your half.

  • Toys are popular too. Women like to receive cute toys, they will always remind of you, so it is a really good choice
  • You may also show creativity and write a love-letter. It will be extremely romantic and unhackneyed.
  • Good and unusual gift can also be a Lottery ticket!  Just think you can give your loved one a few million dollars! It is impressive!!!

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6 ways to make unforgettable St. Valentine’s day

Think of things your beloved like.

As you’re preparing romantic celebration for your half, recollect in your memory all things your pair is found of. Quiet dinner at home of romantic evening at fashionable restaurant?  Walk in park or little trip to the countryside? Funny movie or theatre?

So, after you identify what is better for your «media naranja» (as at Spain say), concentrate only on these variants.

Think of holiday menu.

It seems that romantic dinner at St. Valentine’s Day goes without saying. So your main problem is to pick out somehow the best variant among the variety of cuisines, restaurants, drinks, desserts and foodstuffs. Try to make this celebration unforgettable even by means of dishes, try to amaze your half with something totally new.Don’t forget about desserts and drinks that come after main curse

Here are some variants to facilitate your choice:

  • you may prepare something by yourself

What can be better than tasty handmade dishes from a person you love? But don’t forget to think of food preference of your beloved and try to make the appearance of dishes thematic. Use modern gadgets for kitchen to add hearts and other attributes of St. Valentine’s day directly to your dishes!

  • go to a restaurant

If you feel uncomfortable on a kitchen and you don’t want to burn it down, just go to a restaurant. It is a good choice for people who don’t like ti sit at home and for those who don’t have enough time for preparing. And you can be sure, that the atmosphere will be festive. The only thing you have to keep in mind is booking table.

  • you may also order food at home

It is a good variant for people who don’t have enough time to cook, but want to stay at home in intimate atmosphere.

Still think of something extraordinary  

You may also buy a plant or even desired pet

Why not? Your beloved will take care of such kind of present and it will also remind of you!

Try to give emotions instead of useless staff

Be creative, try to think of something original. The best present for people are memories and emotions. For example, you can buy a ticket to some special concert or a certificate that will make a dream of your pair reality. Piano lessons, master class of photographing and so on.

valentines day breakfastBe unpredictable, make surprises

Prepare romantic breakfast, bring coffee in bad, order a delivery of flowers of sweets. There are so many variants to surprise your half and make him or her feel happy.

Be honest and tell about your feeling.

If you are reserved or you just don’t like to parade your feelings, your half may not have an idea how much you appreciate him or her. St. Valentine’s day is a perfect moment to reveal your feelings and show how much you love and appreciate your half.


Be happy, love, make surprises and make this St. Valentine’s Day unforgettable!  

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