5 Things Lottery Winners Probably Won’t Tell You

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Do you know the 5 things that the average lottery winner probably won’t tell you – or anybody?

Are there things about winning the lottery that winners prefer to keep a closely guarded secret and keep strictly to themselves?

Keep reading to find out what some of these things are that lottery winners don’t want you to know about.

Lottery Winners and Secrets

While nobody in their right mind could successfully argue the benefits of hitting a mammoth lottery jackpot, there are some down sides to all that unaccustomed wealth – things that may be a little upsetting to many people.

Now, in the usual way of things, these problems may seem trivial and a small price to pay for becoming rich beyond your dreams. But, it is still interesting to know what those problems may be!

Let’s take a look at 5 things that most lottery winners probably won’t tell you.

5 Lottery Winner Secrets

While it isn’t written in stone, there is a good chance that your friends will change after you win the lottery. Why? Well, imagine that you want to jet off to Paris for dinner. Who among your pre-lottery winning days would have that kind of income? So, you either cultivate new and wealthier friends who have the money to keep up with you, or pay to have your existing friends join you.

You will still be looked down on by the truly rich or those who come from “old money.” Of course, if you have a pot full of money, who cares what a few snobs think, right? Still, it’s a fact of life for lottery winners.

Impulse buys will come back to haunt you. For example, a lottery winner who immediately rushes out and buys a huge, palatial mansion and a fleet of luxury cars that aren’t really wanted, much less needed, will regret it.

What seems like a lot of money may seem like only a little money, depending on the company you are in. For instance, if you won $7 million playing the PowerBall lottery it may not seem like such a vast sum in you’re in the room with someone like Donald Trump who has billions.

Prepare yourself to be exploited. Almost every lottery winner has been exploited in one way or another. Sadly, it is often by family and friends. If someone comes to you with a hard luck story, ask for proof before being tempted to give money to bail them out.

Those are a few things that you might not hear from lottery winners, but it would still be fabulous to win!

If you want to explore the dark side of winning the lottery, check out this video:

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