After 3 Roll-Overs The Irish Lotto is Now at €4.5 Million For Wednesday Dec 13th Draw

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€4,500,000 Jackpot

Every Saturday and Wednesday the Irish Lotto draw takes place with a minimum jackpot of €2,000,000. After 3 consecutive roll-overs the jackpot prize is now at €4,500,000 and there might just be a lucky winner on Wednesday December 13th. The record jackpot for the Irish Lotto is €18,963,441, which was won back in 2008 by a syndicate.


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Play American Lotteries Online

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Coming Soon – Irish Lotto on Lottosend

Soon you will be able to purchase Irish Lotto tickets online from anywhere in the world with Lottosend. Just stay tunes and check out the All Lotteries page and you will be able to see the Irish Lotto game in the list of games available once the game is live on the site.

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Play UK Lotto Online NOW

Recently Lottosend has added the UK Lotto, Bonoloto and soon also the Irish Lotto, New York Lotto and Lotto 6/49 will be live on the site. There will also be group syndicate play option available for all new games as soon as they go live. Furthermore you can check the results and learn more about each game on the lottery info page, as well as buying single or group tickets on the play page.

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