3 of the Most Undeserving Lottery Winners in History

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Top 3Would you like to find out about 3 of the most undeserving lottery winners in history?

If so, read on to learn about the dastardly villains who were lucky enough to win the lottery and didn’t deserve to win!

You might think that you would be a real snob if you hit a big lotto jackpot, ditching your present lot of friends and current lifestyle to rub elbows with the rich and famous.

But, chances are that even at your worst, you wouldn’t top the following 3 lottery winners for sheer, unadulterated unworthiness.

Bad People Win Lotteries Too

The fact is that truly bad people sometimes win lotteries.

After all, this makes sense. Nice people can and do win lotteries, but there is no law that says only nice, deserving people can win. Bad, mean, nasty people with the personalities of puff adders have just as good a chance, statistically, of being a big lotto game winner as good, kind, people.

If someone is inclined to be greedy, sarcastic, hurtful and all sorts of other bad things before he or she wins a lottery, chances are slim that the mere act of winning will cause them to instantly morph into a better person.

If anything, having access to tons of money will probably make these bad people even worse since they have the financial means to wreak more havoc on their fellow man.

Let’s take a look at 3 of the top lottery winners known for their nastiness.

3 Undeserving Lottery Winners

Here they are:

Arnim Ramdass hid his lottery winnings from his wife. His spouse eventually caught on to his newfound wealth, but how this came about is all speculation. Some say she became suspicious when he wouldn’t allow the television to be turned on or have any newspapers brought into the house. When caught, he ran away, leaving his wife with an eviction notice and a big stack of bills to pay.

Americo Lopes won $38.5 million in the lottery but neglected to mention this to his coworkers. Why is this significant? Because they all chipped in to buy tickets together and were entitled to split the winnings with him! Claiming a need for foot surgery, Lopes quit his job in case those pesky coworkers and former friends got suspicious about his extravagant new lifestyle. They found out, naturally, and sued him. At this point he made nice and shared the money. Unwillingly.

Patty Bigbee, a Florida lottery winner, blew through a cool $1 million lotto prize in nothing flat. Finding herself broke again, she cast about for something to sell and came up with …..her 8 week old grandson! Yes, she tried to sell the baby for $75,000 but finally agreed to take $30,000 for him. Unfortunately for her, one of her daughters (not the baby’s mother, who was in on the human trafficking of her own child) found out and turned her in.

So, if you want to win the lottery but wonder if it would change you significantly and turn you into a really bad person if you are nice now…not to worry. You couldn’t hold a candle to these three undeserving lottery winners!

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