3 Inspiring Lottery Winner Stories

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These days, watching, listening or scrolling through the news is something that can often be a fair bit disheartening to even the most optimistic of us all. Sometimes, we all just need to hear some good news. Here at Lottosend, we like to brighten up your day when we can, so here’s a roundup of some of the most inspiring lottery winner stories from across the globe. Do you want to get in on the chance to have an inspiring story of your own? Come on over and try one of our  lottery games!


For the good of the town

There’s a little town in Northern Ireland called Strabanes, which is dearly loved by one of its residents, Margaret Loughrey. Margaret was unemployed when she won the lottery and bought her ticket on the way home from the job center, living from just £58 per week at the time, she decided to take a chance and bought the ticket on the spur of the moment. Margaret’s decision really paid off when she won £27m, but in another twist to this amazing story, Margaret decided to do something amazing for the town of Strabanes. She always said “One for me and the rest for the town.”

Margaret went on to purchase the historic Herman’s Mill in Sion Mills, a tiny village just to the south of Strabanes. Margaret plans to transform the town into a leisure and tourism destination, creating jobs for her hometown and facilities for the people of the town to take advantage of.


My house, your house

Colin and Christine Weir won big when they hit the jackpot of £161m. After winning, Colin and Christine went on to buy themselves their dream home, setting them back £3.5m. However, not only did they treat themselves to a new home, they also did something amazing for their next door neighbour. The young Mum found herself living her own home when Colin and Christine Weir gifted their former home to her, after their big win.

The pair have also hit the good news headlines with stories of charitable giving, such as their answering of a mother’s plea to help her three year old daughter. Little Skye Swinton was helped by the couple when they decided to pay for an operation to help her walk again, having been a sufferer of cerebral palsy.


Help for those in need

Whilst getting things back on track for himself, László Andraschek, picked up a lottery ticket with his last few coins. He was on his way to a workshop for recovering alcoholics, at the time. Andraschek used his winnings to clear his name of debts, along with all of his family’s in addition to purchasing houses for all three of his children. He saved the rest to do something he felt truly passionate about, helping those in need, just like he had been before his lucky win.

With own stories of hardship now thankfully behind him, László is focusing his efforts on helping homeless, addicts and abused women. The situation in László’s native Hungary is one of great struggle for anyone who finds himself struggling to stay afloat. László plans to help combat this by setting up a foundation to help those in need, having already made a sizable donation to a hostel for the homeless following his win of £1.7m.


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