How to Win EuroMillions: 3 Hot Tips to Help You Win the EuroMillions Lottery

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Neil Trotter Holding His £107 million Euromillions cheque

Neil Trotter and his £107 million cheque (Source: standard.co.uk)

Have you dreamed of hitting it big and winning a EuroMillions Lottery jackpot prize?

In June, it was announced that a UK lottery player had won the £93 million jackpot after the Superdraw rolled over. This was the fourth UK winner of 2015 and the biggest win of the year.

There have been some huge jackpots for this popular European lottery, including Neil Trotter who won £107 million in 2014, and many lucky players who have become instant millionaires playing this game.

In case you aren’t familiar with the EuroMillions Lottery, read on for a bit of information about it.

EuroMillions Lottery

Euro Millions logo

What is the EuroMillions Lottery?

It is the world’s first ever multi-country international lottery game. EuroMillions has a rolling jackpot and is available to players from France, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria and the United Kingdom.

If you want to play the EuroMillions lottery, you must be a permanent resident of a participating country to buy a ticket in any of the member countries or to collect a lottery prize. Unless you play the Euromillions at Lottosend, where our local agents will purchase a ticket for you.

How about some tips to help increase your chances of winning this lottery?

Tips to Help You Win the EuroMillions Lottery

Lottery Winners Syndicate from Scotland

You can buy more tickets as a syndicate (Source www.lottery24.com)

How to win lotto? Here are 3 hot tips that may help increase your chances of winning a big EuroMillions jackpot prize.

  1. Group Strategies with Lottery Numbers – If you take a good look at past EuroMillions winning numbers, you’ll see that much of the time, one number group wasn’t represented. For example, in this group of winning numbers—16, 9, 4, 18, 22—there are no numbers in the 30s group. Taking a little time to track and study the winning numbers will help you know which group of numbers to avoid and which to give extra heavy play.
  2. Mix Up Odds and Evens – When you study groups of winning lottery numbers, you will see that all odd numbers or all even numbers only win about 3 percent of the time. So, to boost your chances of winning, mix your numbers up with either 3/2 or 2/3 odd and even. These patterns have repeated themselves in about 68 percent of EuroMillions Lottery drawings.
  3. Losing Numbers – Losing Numbers that haven’t hit for six games or less are winning numbers about 50 percent of the time. Losing numbers that haven’t hit in twelve games or less make up about 75 percent of all winning numbers. That makes these losers hot numbers that are more likely to win.

These hot tips might help you become one of the next EuroMillions Lottery winners! To find out how you can play the EuroMillions without leaving home, check out our video as well:

  • Abhay Saini

    Always have one or two numbers from previous sat draw ( thats if you are playing sat games ) and couple of numbers from group that havent been drawn for10 weeks or more at the moment they are 2 ,9 ,35 , 37 and 40 . The rest is up to you . Some pairs that havent been drawn together for a long time ( Sat ) are 6 and 7 , 12 and 13 , 39 and 40 etc good luck

    • Anish G

      How much did u win with this method

  • Kamala

    I am from India. Can I play lottosend