Top 12 Secrets That Lottery Winners Don’t Want To Reveal

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Well, all we know, that after some events, that appear, people’s life change a lot. Although many people contend that all changes to the best, sometimes its hard to believe in. When you lose a friend or your family breaks… All in all, let us see, what newly-made lottery billionaires hide.


  • Jackpot winners normally don’t know how to spend money.

Well, the life is quite complicated, its difficult to earn money, but in this case, at least, you are learning how to spend them, you know the value of money, but, when  the wealth come down unexpectedly, people don’t know what to do. As a result, statistics isn’t very optimistic, because 70% of lottery winners lose their money and in several years return to their previous income level

  • Reinsurance is first of all.

Are you meticulous person? Or maybe well-organized? You never loose things? Well, if not, it’s better to play safe and to play second-chance drawings, it really helps to increase chances of winnings. Maybe, your jackpot won’t be very big, but, you will win.

  • Don’t stop me now.

Yes, lottery winners keep moving, normally the don’t stop buying lottery tickets, after winning a jackpot, they still try to win, maybe after becoming a billionaire people start to believe in a second chance?

  • Is your friendship strong enough?

Envy is a problem as old, as a universe. Lots of relations of different types were broken owning to envy, so there is nothing to wonder about lost friendship.

  • Everything is quite relative.

For some people your jackpot will seem like a glut of wealth, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to be on a top of Forbes’ world richest people list. On a background of some people you will remain…well…poor, as a whole world, actually.

  • Control yourself.

After winning a lottery, people can offer many things…many needless things and sometimes the problem of such purchases consists not only in its worth, but also in costly maintenance. Trust me, you don’t need a palace.

  • Truth hurts.

Don’t even concede that everybody will share your happiness. The majority of people will think that you won undeservedly, but even if you think that the change of surrounding will help, you are wrong. Reach people, who gained their fortune, hardly accept you to their club of wealthy and successful.

  • All those questions…

What is your winning? What do you feel? How are you going to spend your money? Where are you going to spend them? You want to travel or to start a business? Will you quit? And so, and so on… Summon up patience.

  • The precipice is inevitable.

Maybe you are strong person and money wouldn’t change your personality, but be sure, money will change your lifestyle, your habits and your friends. Just accept it.

  • Your personality is the most precious thing you have.

Don’t want publicity? Well, change wether your state provides anonymity.

  •  To receive you have to share first.

well, not in case of winning the lottery, but you will feel extremely satisfied, helping other people. You have more than enough money, you can afford to spend some part on charity. But be careful withs money and spend it wisely, even in case of donation, subscribe average sums of money ever period of time.

  • It’s your turn.

Don’t forget about yourself, buy emotions and memories, follow your dreams. And good luck!

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  1. I believe that to win the Lottery you will need to be completely random about it as that is exactly how the numbers are drawn.

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